10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook gets detailed

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1 Jun, 2011 11:06 am


We’re not too far off from RIM getting their act together with the BlackBerry Playbook (more native apps, among other hiccups) as well as waiting for connected versions (3G, 4G) but we’re still a ways off from the rumored 10-inch PlayBook that was rumored earlier this month. Today, n4bb has some actual details on the upcoming 10-incher.

Unlike the 7-inch model, the 10-inch model will be available in white, in addition to black. The bezel thickness will be reduced, hopefully without affecting touch gestures (no word on that). It’ll have a SIM card slot and skip 3G for 4G only (no word on Wi-Fi models). It’ll have a “higher resolution” display in its 10-inch frame. You’ll be able to connect to BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) without BlackBerry Bridge. Naturally, it’ll have native e-mail and calendar apps by the time it launches. No word on release date here but the first rumor did point to a release at the end of the year.

Via: SlashGear

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