ASUS MeMo No Glasses 3D Tablet Hands On at Computex 2011

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31 May, 2011 10:09 am


Back at CES in January we caught first glimpse of the ASUS MeMo and have yet to see it come to market. On Day-0 of Computex ASUS had their press conference showing the MeMo with an upgraded 3D screen, they are now calling it the ASUS Eee Pad MeMO 3D (codename ME173). Like many who are jumping on the 3D bandwagon they have chosen the 3D implementation. The 7 inch screen is 1280 x 600 and comes with a pen featuring a rubber tip which should help with inking precision. Under the hood we’ve got a 1.2GHz processor from Qualcomm which will enable this device to output 1080 through its mini HDMI connector. It also features an accelerometer, a 5.0MP Auto focus camera and webcam.

As an added bonus the 7″ Android 3.0 device will also come with a MeMic Bluetooth companion headset. It acts like a remote control but has a transparent LCD display, if you haven’t taken a look at a see through LCD before its an interesting add one since many similar technologies are hard to use outdoors. It can also be used (that’s correct, a see through LCD) that can be used to make calls and listen to music via the tablet. MeMic also acts as a media remote.

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  • Anonymous

    I predict that this fails miserably due to ASUS cramming it with so many dopey bandwagon features and dinking around instead of just releasing it.

    Included phone capability adds cost but no benefit when it gets removed for the US carriers.

    Is the stylus just a regular old capacitive screen stylus? The stupid thing is called the MeMo, but no one is really getting into the stylus and writing/drawing and asking a sensible question or two?

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