NFC Demo of Angry Birds Magic at MeeGo Conference 2011

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29 May, 2011 11:34 pm


Nokia has announced the launch of Angry Birds Free with Magic at the WIMA Conference to demonstrate the NFC (Near Field Communications) capabilities of the Nokia C7. In this Angry Birds is supposed to you to find friends with Nokia C7 in order to unlock new levels.

Angry Birds Magic will encourage users to seek out strangers with NFC-enabled phones, because only five of the are playable as normal.  When the fifth level is completed, the user will need find a friend or random person with their NFC-enabled phone.  They will only be able to unlock levels only when they touch phones with another handset owner. One friend will unlock five more levels, a second an additional five, and the third will unlock the five remaining levels.

The new Angry Birds Magic will be pre-loaded in the new Nokia C7 devices that will be shipped with the also new Symbian Anna, rolling out across all of Nokia’s NFC-enabled devices in 2011.

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