Netbook Volumes Dip According to Sources Close to ASUS

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11 May, 2011 8:36 pm


Word on the street here in Taiwan is that ASUS has cut back on its Eee PC shipments to make room for tablets in the mobile computing ecosystem. Apparently ASUS only sold 350,000 netbooks in April after tablets still “significantly impacted the demand,” Digitimes claimed. In response, it would shoot back with a “killer” new Eee PC in June and an Ultra-budget model at below $199 to widen the price gap with Apple and others. This $199 netbook that they are speaking of is most likely the special Intel Sku aimed at certain APAC countries. We’ve been expecting this model to be released at Computex, so this part of the story we’ll swallow.

ASUS can’t be terribly worried is netbook sales are evening out and even dipping a bit since they’re ramping up volumes on the Transformer this month. As for 2011, the company still expects to achieve its goal of shipping five million Eee PCs and 15 million notebooks. 5 Million doesn’t sound like a dead product to me!

Via Tweak Town

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