Samsung Galaxy Tab: Slightly Thicker Than an Audio Jack

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10 Mar, 2011 10:25 am


Samsung isn’t finished with its tablet line up and CTIA is meant to be the unveiling of their 8.9 inch tablet. The new image shows what appears to be their thinnest tablet yet as the photo is scaled by the presence of a head phone jack.

The depth of the tablet only looks a little thicker than the headphone jack, which would potentially put it on a far stronger footing against the new iPad 2. We’ll have to wait until March 22 to find out, as that’s when Samsung has promised to whip off the wraps and reveal the 8.9-inch gadget in all its glory. We’re expecting Android 3.0 Honeycomb along with a dual-core processor, but whether that’s a Tegra 2 or Samsung’s own Exynos remains to be seen.

Via SlashGear

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  • James

    isnt there a piece of the tablet underneath?

  • Jon Garrett

    looks like a reflection off a glass table.

    I hope they don’t become obsessed with thinness at the expense of other more desirable features (HDMI, USB, SD)

  • java nature

    i dream to buy samsung galaxy tab ^_^