Shuttle scraps GXT external graphics cards for netbooks

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3 Mar, 2011 2:08 pm

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Exactly one year ago at CeBIT 2010 Shuttle showcased a rather bland netbook, save one feature – an GXT port. What’s that? A GXT port was designed for plugging in external graphics cards. They had a Radeon HD 4650 card set up right next to the netbook but I don’t think it was ready at the time as it was due out in Autumn / Fall that year.

Fast forward one year and we’re here at CeBIT 2011 with some sad news – Shuttle has scapped GXT. The cause? You can put your bets on the netbook market slowing down and just being less exciting nowadays. At any rate, budgets for R&D have been slashed and the development team in charge of GXT has been dissolved and merged with other teams. The focus is back to mini PCs which is their core business.

For old times sake, here’s that hands on video back at CeBIT 2010:

YouTube Preview Image

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