Official Video Overview of the LG G-Slate

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8 Feb, 2011 8:35 pm


Mobile World Congress Starts Nest week with LGs press conference looking to debut the LG GSlate. It looks like they couldn’t wait and have realeased an official video walking us through the 8.9 inch 4G T-mobile G-Slate. This glossy tablet features a capacitive multi touch display running Android 3.0 or Honeycomb.

Its also got a 5 mega pixel stereoscopic rear facing camera which allows for 3D camera that offers digital zoom and an led flash. On the front we’ve got a front facing 2 Mega Pixel Camera. Connectivity wise you’ll also find a micro HDMI out and micro usb along side stereo speakers and a 3.5 headphone jack. Its also loaded with 32GB of internal memory with a built in gyroscope and internal accelerometer. Using its Tegra 2 processor for graphics performance we’ll be seeing 10 hours of video playback from this device.

Check out the official video from LG after the break:
YouTube Preview Image

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  • patrick quinn

    They forgot to mention that it will be 800 (aka too much)

  • fauxhawk70

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    Then you won’t have to go through the pain other customers of the Samsung Galaxy S and Motorla Cliq and Cliq XT devices went through.

    By buying Google stamped devices only you send a message to manufacturers that they cannot get away with poor customer service tactics and at the same time improvements on technology will be faster because devices will update faster.