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1 Feb, 2011 9:02 pm


Angry Birds has achieved cult status in its popularity on mobile phones with over 50 million downloads. Its addictive game play has been able to follow you to PC through Intel’s AppUp! for a month now! So before you think you’re already addicted on your phone there is no way you’re going to pay $4.99 to have these smug pigs follow you to your PC, well think again.

Rovio Mobile is running a promotion offering Angry Birds PC version free for first 15,000 downloads, or until the end of March via the Intel AppUp PC App Store. All you have to do is visit Curry’s website which I have luckily included foryou below and a little bit of game play to see how it handles on a netbook or what the difference might be with a trackpad. To be honest I didn’t even notice I wasn’t using my fingers to pull back that sling shot.
If you haven’t signed up for AppUp! then you’re lucky enough to be able to pick it up Angry Birds for Free here:
YouTube Preview Image
If you want to see how it handles on a touch screen netbook, our friend Chippy over at has shot a video on his Gigabyte T1028.
YouTube Preview Image

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  • Really?

    Are you in the UK or did you not fact check your article? Free download link for UK and Ireland only.

  • Wongjunyean

    if not in uk or ireland ….. cannot download ?

  • Sarah Anne24

    super like!

  • Kimjooool

    you are stupid
    it doesn’t work !

  • Nicole Scott

    check the date on the article…its over!

  • Lotsen2

    hwo now a place were i can download angry birds

    (me from Denmark)

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  • Ben Mallinson

    Where’s the download button