1.2GHz Tegra 2 3D Chipsets Side Leak Indicates Spring Release

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24 Jan, 2011 5:51 am


Once the Tegra 2 devices start to trickle in you have to ask your self so what’s next? When we heard JenHsun speak at the Nvidia GPU conference we heard that Tegra 3 was on its way, but it seems that he left out a baby step with Tegra 2.5. What we are looking at is a 1.2GHz dual-core chip that’ll be marketed as a 3D-capable mobile processor. This T25 silicon is heading for the production lines this quarter with availability this spring. Even if you own a tshirt that say “3D I want my Money Back” and aren’t buying into all the hype of 3D on mobile a quicker Tegra 2 chip is what we all want even if we aren’t interested in 3D.

If you have heard the rumours that Tegra is the development platform for Android Honeycomb then here is another bit of gossip supporting a Google Nvidia love affair. It seems Nvidia is adding support to Chromium OS for a 1.2GHz T25 from NVIDIA, seemingly corroborating the leaked image above. When Jen-Hsun said that Nvidia was changing the game with Project Denver we should have expected he had a few other tricks up his sleeve.
Via TechEye & Engadget

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