Polaroid Surfing: 10 inch Android Tablet

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12 Jan, 2011 8:30 pm

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The Surfing is Polaroid’s entry into the tablet market and they are doing so with a bang as they are using the same panel as the iPad at 9.7 inch. The Android tablet is sporting the Texas Instruments OMAP3630 ARM Cortex-A8 processor as well as a few other ports for connectivity, Micro SD card, USB for charging and transferring and a SIM card slot to go with its built in 3G. Since it is an Android tablet there are the standard home, back menu and search.

The screen also offers haptic feed back as well as multitouch all though at this point it just seems like two point multitouch. We assumed like Charbax that there would be some sort of photo angle to this tablet but it appears that Polaroid is simply entering the tablet space. There is no word on pricing and availability appears to be April.
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Via ArmDevices.net

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