Mystery Viewsonic 7 inch Android Tablet Spotted at CES 2011

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11 Jan, 2011 9:23 pm


Chippy over at CarryPad meet up with the guys from Zinio, the guys who put magazines online and while testing out their new apps wondered what hardware he was using. To his surprise it was a mystery 7 inch tablet from Viewsonic. Sadly there is no more to tell about the device as they wouldn’t let him take a look around the tablet. What is interesting about the back of the device is that it looks slightly ruggudized, this might be a trend with upcoming tablets since the new Toshiba tablet has a similar textured backing. Viewsonic just came out with the gTablet G10S which is 10 inches. Mobile World Congress Happens next month so keep an eye out for a new 7 inch from Viewsonic.

Via CarryPad

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