Samsung Slide PC 7: Tablet & Netbook in One Running Oaktrail

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6 Jan, 2011 9:47 am


The Samsung Slider PC 7 is a confusing little product since its to heavy to be a tablet and too expensive to be a netbook. The specs are very interesting with the brand spanking new Oaktrail chipset by Intel the Atom Z670 CPU. We’ve been waiting for Intel to come to market with this for a while as it has the battery life that can finally compete with ARM.

If we keep looking into the Slider its got 2GB DDR2 RAM, 32 or 64GB SSD drive, and a 1,366×768 10-inch screen, along with 3G and WiMax connectivity. At 10.47 x 6.88 x .78 inches and 2.18 pounds, it’s larger than an iPad but smaller than many 10-inch Netbooks. Its 6-cell battery boasts a 9 hour battery life. When should we see this? It’s expected to land in March for $699.

Here is its first look at the Samsung Slider PC 7 at their Press Event at CES 2011

YouTube Preview Image

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  • attila_toth

    Undoubtedly a niche product. Or, from other point of view it is a marketing tool to show Sasumg technical superiority.

  • Anonymous

    As a netvertible the price is extremely good especially considering it comes loaded with an SSD, is 2.2lbs and is that thin. Compare is to a viliv s10 or gigabyte t1005.

    I would buy this over a netbook any day. It is one of the thinnest and lightest around. Plus you get a touchscreen as a bonus. Once you add a ssd, 1gb ram extra and home premium to a similarly thin netbook (eg asus 1018p @$429) you are looking at around $600 anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Not really … fits in with the netvertibles like gigabyte t1005, viliv s10, lenovo s10-3t etc and is priced more competitively with the specs. Plus it is thinner and lighter than the rest. Will please netvertible fans out there (like me) looking for something thinner, lighter and better! There are enough slates coming out.

  • Fanboy Not!

    I think all laptops in the future will morph into this type of convertible form factor. If it’s too heavy to be a tablet then so is the iPad. It’s not too heavy to be a reader that sits on your lap, but it and the iPad both are too heavy to act as eReaders like the Kindle that you would hold in one hand to read a book. This leads me to my next point which will be very controversial. If I could have a 2 lb convertible tablet/laptop like this, then why would anyone want or need an iPad, but I’d still have a need for a very light eReader like a Kindle. Maybe Steve Jobs has it wrong. Perhaps, the iPad needs to hookup with the MacBook Air and morph into a slider like this product for the 9-13″ scrren size, and perhaps we just need a 6-7″ iPad or iPod Touch (since they’re effectively both tablets) to act as a eBook reader.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. This is impressive.

  • Shree

    I was considering buying Hanvon B10 with Intel®Celeron ULV 743(1.3GHz) and then I saw the this new product coming to the market – Samsung Slide PC 7. I am now confused if it is worth waiting for Slide 7 or should I go ahead and get myself a Hanvon B10 Tablet. I want to use the tablet for giving presentations especially using tablet pen to write on the screen while giving lectures. I am quite not sure if Samsung Slide 7 with Atom Z670 CPU is good enough for some heavy Powerpoint use. I understand that other netbooks are not that great when it comes to Office suites. Other than that Slide 7 looks sleek and sexy. Hanvon B10 claims to be a tablet notebook. I check it in the store, it is bit heavy and the battery life apparently is not that great (3.5 hrs). But it does claim to run Office suite pretty well.

    Can anyone suggest me if Slide 7 with Atom Z670 CPU will be good enough for some big Powerpoint presentations say with 60-70 slides with high quality pictures in it?

  • 5318008

    I wonder if the graphics are any good for any gaming. (re: AO521, AO522, 1015PN, etc.)

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  • Choy

    when would this be available to the Philippines?