ASUS Eee pad comes with NVIDIA Tegra

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22 Dec, 2009 6:00 pm


ion logo The rumors of an ASUS Eee Pad hitting the tablet market aren’t exactly new, BUT that it will be powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra platform is amazing news!!! The Eee PC platform has been exclusively using Intel CPUs for the past two years, but the Taiwanese company is now including diversify in its portfolio. Just look at the Eee PC 1201N with an Atom 330 processor and NVIDIA Ion and the Eee PC 1201T with AMD’s Neo MV -40 and Radeon HD 3200.

Whether ASUS is going to use the first or second generation of Tegra remains to be seen. However, due to its late launch date (not before March 2010) we’re placing out bests on Tegra 2. Though we still don’t know what kind of operating system it will have or what size display, multitouch is as good as confirmed, and Windows CE can also be ruled out. So that doesn’t leave many alternatives. ASUS may be planning to aim for the cloud, perhaps inspired by Jolicloud or some Google Chrome OS?

Stay tuned over the next few days to learn more.

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