Analyst Gets Tipped to March 2011 WebOS Tablet Launch

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14 Dec, 2010 9:36 pm


Looks like the analysts are getting all the good meetings around HPs WebOS tablet release date. BMO Capital Markets analyst Keith Bachman spend some time with Asian sources at HP and he believes the webOS tablet will arrive in March 2011. He will be the second analyst to tell the tale of HPs WebOS Slate coming to market in March 2011.

So far, HP has only confirmed that the slate is on track for release sometime in 2011. But if we keep following the rumours OEM Inventec is meant to be producing the tablet for HP in Q1 next year. Bachman describes the tablet as a “niche market” for HP, what we aren’t sure about is if he is merely referring to the fact that the HP 500 Slate is already in a niche category or if the new tablet will fall further away from the mainstream into something say as specific as a Medical Slate.

Via SlashGear Via Forbes

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  • attila_toth

    Months after tsunami of Android tablets at CES? No chance

  • Norwat

    targeting different markets

    besides, the Android CES tablets wont be available right away & the real Android tablet OS Honeycomb is looking to a June release.

    nobody will beat Android in marketshare, but MANY people want protected ecosystems that arent as locked down as Apples, this is were HP & MS could potentially succeed.