ASUS Eee Note EA800 Unboxing and Hands On

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12 Dec, 2010 8:00 pm


The EA800 was released at IT Month 2010 in Taiwan on December 4th. We’ve managed to get our hands on the ereader on steriods and flashed it with the english operating system courtesy of ASUS. The 8-inch device is equipped with a Marvell processor, Linux operating system and supports Wi-Fi, shorthand writing and camera functions. The device also has a 3700mAh battery to provide a run-time of 10 hours per charge with wifi on, 13 hours with wifi off and 10 days of standby time. As any good student focused device should be capable of supporting a variety of e-book formats such as TXT, PDF and EPUB.

There is a lot going on with this ereader and to date we’ve only been able to get demo’s in Chinese, so figuring out the true potential of this device might take a few days. We’ve shot this unboxing and walk through video but you can be sure that we will be following up with a flurry of other videos since we feel the potential for students to organize their research and take notes is greater then most people have realized.
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  • Amr

    How does it store ink strokes? Vector or bitmap? Also, is there any text recognition so that you can search through your handwriting like you can in Windows? How fast is the writing experience? It’s not very clear, but there seems to be a bit of a noticeable delay between the pen moving and the ink appearing on the screen.

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  • FP

    Given that it has PDF support, is it possible to ink comments into the pdf file ?

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  • Timothy Vavra

    I love ASUS and I was immediately enamored of the idea of this from the description.
    Then I saw the video…
    yeah, what is the point of this these days. My palm from 2002 is about this useful, and about twice this snappy!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this video. I really like this device. Would like to see the eReader app. Sans-serif? Highlighting and annotation?

    Any access to a file system here?

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  • Jesse B Andersen

    I so want one of those. It looks more practical than the other eReaders. Now… If it had Amazon, B&N or Borders support… it would be perfect.

    I hope to see it in the USA soon.

  • guest

    When I first heard about this, a couple of weeks ago, I was very interested. I’m glad to see this video, as it dampens my interest, and will probably save me from spending $200. The device is terribly slow in all functions.

  • Ragnor

    Really looking forward to finding out how the annotation performs, especially on PDF. Usable annotation is the one thing that’s missing from current readers/tablets that would really be helpful for business/study purposes.

  • Josh Bialkowski

    Where do you buy this? I can’t find it online anywhere