Hands On Video: Toshiba NB500 Netbook with A Sporty Finish

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2 Dec, 2010 1:50 pm


Toshiba has new netbooks going on sale at IT Month here we got our hands on the Toshiba NB500 which is running the Intel Atom N550 Dual Core processor with 1GB DDR3 RAM & a 250GB Hard drive. Connectivity wise we’ve got the usual, bluetooth, wifi, 3 USB 2.0, vga, audio jacks, SD card reader, kensington lock, ethernet & the option for 3G. Taiwan will not be offered the 3G option on this early release.

The textured finish of this netbook is really what has us sitting up an taking notice, that combined with a keyboard that doesn’t flex at all and a trackpad that is slightly set back from the space bar to prevent accidentally moving the cursor and we’ve got a premium netbook on our hands. Since it is for sale on the 4th in Taipei it is sporting a premium price tag of 13800NT or ($450USD), we do hear that the price point will drop in Q1 since this netbook is on early release here in Asia. This was one of two netbooks to be released by Toshiba, if you want to check out the NB520 with Harman/Kardon speakers and a few more luxury upgrades then try clicking here.

But if you wanted to check out our hands on video video with the NB500 here it is and below that are a few photos we managed to take.

YouTube Preview Image

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