Kno Tablets Get Pricing, Preorders Start

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9 Nov, 2010 6:34 pm

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Kno’s education focused tablet duo –  the 14.1″ dual screen and single screen models have just been announced with pricing and a note that they are now accepting preorders.

Kno’s kept their word on the under $1,000 price mark for the dual screen-er – it’ll cost $899 and the single screen model costs $599. Hardly enticing for the regular Joe but for those getting an education you’ll end up saving money with e-books that are available for cheaper than their tree based counterparts. CEO Osman’s even done some math and come up with a $1,300 figure. The online bookstore for buying books will be up later today at

A limited run of pre-orders will be available from today for select campuses with models shipping before the year’s end. There’s always for more information about the tablets.

Source: All Things D via SlashGear

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    I have thought improbable that it gets thru for real. Maybe I was wrong?