Hands on: Gigabyte T1125N Core i3/i5 Netvertible

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2 Nov, 2010 5:43 pm


Want a tablet and a notebook? Well there is a category in between where the notebook turns into a tablet, we fondly refer to it as the netvertible category. Gigabyte has been making these for a few generations now, their latest one being the most interesting. The 11.6 T1125 comes in 3 varieties the lowest version spec wise (T1125M) is aimed at the emerging markets, which ones we are still waiting to find out.

We got some hands on time with the T1125N which comes in Core i3 & i5 sporting NVIDIA GeForce 310M DDRIII 512MB and supports NVIDIA Optimus Technology. Connectivity wise we are looking at 1 USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, esata, audio jacks, vga, 4 in 1 card reader & a port for the docking station which will house the DVD burner.

Getting online you’ve got a few options Bluetooth 2.1 if you want to tether, 802.11 b/g/n Wireless and a 3.5G module is optional but the antenna is already built in. The Booktop docking station is what set Gigabyte notebooks apart, they have been playing around with various configurations as the M1305 & M1405 have a different style of docking station.

The important question that we should be asking right now is how much is this going to cost and when is it going to be available. Unfortunately there is no word but they are trying to get it for sale for Christmas but it sounds like we shouldn’t hold our breath and CES is much more likely.

Below the video you’ll find the spec sheet for the T1125N & T1125M. Here is the video showing off the 2 speakers and 2 subwoofers as well as the docking station in action.

YouTube Preview Image

T1125M Specifications                                                          T1125N Specifications

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  • Anonymous

    now if only the dock could contain something more useful LIKE AN EXTENDED BATTERY.

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  • http://www.netbooknews.com/ Benny Sabghir

    Its aimed at professorial users who value power and have little concern over price. Think of it like this, your giving a presentation, and your external speaker system goes out, but your in a small room so its not so bad.

    If you want a moderately priced Netvertible check out the Asus “T” series, which are fairly decent.

  • Anonymous

    I was looking for a netvertible with ION2, I looked at the Asus T series and decided not to get it because it doesn’t have any good graphics options (Intel Extreme BLARGH). My ideal tablet at this juncture would be a tablet version of the Asus 1215PN. I wanna be able to design/sketch on the go but I also wanna do a little gaming to celebrate after finishing that integral project (why do I have to sacrifice graphics for a little touchscreen and a hinge can these not exist in the same computer?).

  • http://www.netbooknews.com/ Benny Sabghir

    If it were economically possible for a company to produce such a product, then Im sure it would be in the works right now. But honestly, it seems as if the viable market for consumers who have the money to spend just doesn’t exist as the price would be beyond justification for the mass market.

  • Anonymous

    the 1215N is only $489 and that is already with ION2. To top that off these netbooks only use capacitive screens which can be had on ebay for a little over $100 (this is making a profit and not by huge volume that pc makers get) so if Asus is making a profit on the 1215N why not just simply put a capacitive touchscreen on it and add a hinge.or they could just dump the keyboard. and make it a slate. Asus makes money on the 1015PN at $430 why not put that board into the ASUS Eee PC T101MT chassis and up the price. to $500.

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  • Zeeroox

    is impressive, is exactly what I wanted with nvidia graphics

    but the price might be slightly high :(

  • Zeeroox

    I’m surprised you did not include Bluetooth 3.0

    few hours battery life estimated?

    if gigabyte you set a competitive price, will sell quantities of units, but if exceeded will be a mistake on their part

  • http://www.netbooknews.com/ Benny Sabghir

    Because this is Gigabyte. Not Asus. Therefore they will do what they deem reasonable. Also, the market is not going bonkers for Tablets, so by making a Netvertible, they combine the best of 3 worlds. A Netbook, Tablet, and superior processing performance.

    They cant satisfy everybody.

  • http://www.netbooknews.com/ Benny Sabghir

    Firstly, the author does not control the specifications that the manufacturer includes in the product. Secondly if you watched the video you would have heard something like 7 hours of battery life. Thirdly this is target at consumers who can pay the premium and do so for its performance.

    Not that Im implying that the Asus “T” series is “Cheap” in the sense of the word, but if you want a cheap, inexpensive Netvertible, than checkout the Asus “T” series Netvertible.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, the last time Gigabyte promised up-to 8 hours of battery life on their Tablet PC, it turned out to be less than 4.

    I’m really hoping this won’t be a repeat of that, as otherwise the unit looks really sweet (N model with the 7800 mAh battery).

  • Gusto

    Neat. Will buy this if I have the option to not have it shipped with windows. An OLED screen would be awesome and throw some ruggedness in there as well :)

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