Nokia N900 With MeeGo dual boot Option For Developers Only

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15 Oct, 2010 8:19 am


Earlier news about the Nokia N900 getting a dual-boot MeeGo, had a lot of people grinning ear to ear, since there were rumors that MeeGo was only going to be used as a highend OS (code of tablet OS). The Nokia Blog has put the word out that consumers won’t be offered a dual-boot option, it’s only intended for developers.

The Nokia N900 is a smartphone that runs Maemo 5 Linux, a precursors to MeeGo which is an operating system for netbooks, smartphones, in-car systems, kiosks, and other mobile devices. Nokia has no official plans to sell the phone with MeeGo, but it is good news that there is at least a development platform.

MeeGo now supports audio, 3G, and phone calling functionality on the N900. But If you own an N900 and want to install MeeGo, it looks like you’ll have to do it on your own and take responsibility for any problems that arise.

Via Liliputing Via SlashGear

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