GTC 2010 City of the Future Tessellation Demo

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15 Oct, 2010 3:08 pm

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Nvidia’s GPU Conference last month offered some outstanding demos, we’ve gotten our hands on this tessellation demo which shows off a futuristic city which is meant to mimic an Ultra-realistic environment. The dark environment that was created was impressive to see, NVIDIA is of course demonstrating everything in a 3D environment which makes taking high quality photos pretty much impossible.

In this real-time rendered demo there are 1.3 billion polygons being shaded each second and it has about a 500x increase in typical gaming geometry levels thanks to the PolyMorph / tessellation engine in the Fermi GPUs. Tomasi said that each second of the demo consisted of about 80GB of data, quite a bit higher than the top speed limits of current PCI Express implementations; creating that much detail on the CPU would be nearly impossible to work with. Because this geometry is being procedurally generated on the GPU with DX11, that data resides only during the creation of each frame.
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  • Gozer

    Completely pointless no PC game would ever remotely approach that and coupled with the limits that PC gaming faces as a tier 2 platform compared to consoles as tier 1 no developer would ever go out their way to spend that kind of money on a PC title.

    PR people have been banging on about tessellation when AMD introduced it with the Radeon HD 2000 series and few games use it as a consequence of the above.