Laptop at CES 2023: Defining the 2020s

Updated on February 4, 2024
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We’ve taken research and know that you’re interested in the recent CES 2020. To be precise, we broke down all amazing prototypes that were introduced in the event and rank specifically under certain criteria.

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MSI with 300Hz Screen

Mobile gaming just got a long-awaited improvement since MSI revealed its newest GS66 Stealth gaming laptop that features an amazing 300 Hz screen.

Nevertheless, MSI keeps amazing its fans and customers with the sleek and light GS-series gaming notebooks, and along with the GS66 – they’ve also introduced GE66 Raider.

MSI GS66 with a 300 Hz screen offers versatility and meets the requirements of every portable gamer. Of course, along with the amazing screen – MSI ensured the latest and greatest hardware.

What’s also worth noting is that MSI worked on redesigning its Cooler Boost Trinity cooling system which now introduces 3 fans with yet thinner blades to maximize the airflow.

Is MSI a good brand
Design & Build Quality - 9/10

With the MSI’s best reveal at CES 2020, there’s no doubt that they’re taking gaming laptops to another level. MSI GS66 features a really slim body which is pretty lightweight for a gaming laptop and most definitely every gamer’s wish.

Display - 10/10

By being one of the first gaming laptop manufacturers, MSI just created one of the best gaming laptops in 2020 that features a 300 Hz screen ideal for gaming.

Productivity - 16/20

Not only GS66 is a laptop that will be ideal for gamers who require the low screen latency and high refresh rate – but we also predict that this laptop will be able to boost the productivity of software engineers, photographers, videographers, and other professionals who will benefit from the combination of a sleek display and high-end configuration.

Warranty - 7/10

MSI didn’t speak directly about the warranty of their latest gaming laptops, but we’re pretty sure they will keep the usual warranty length that varies from a year up to a couple of years.

Innovation - 15/20

Even though MSI didn’t impress most of the CES 2020 visitors since they’ve kept their sleek & stylish design with minor exterior and functionality improvements. However, they’ve impressed the gamers by introducing everything they could’ve asked for.

Money-to-Value - 18/20

Price of the latest MSI GS66 might seem like an overkill for most laptop buyers – but for true gamers and professionals who understand the amount of work and ideas put into this laptop, it’s easy to see that MSI GS66 is a very valuable laptop that is very well worth the price it costs.

Software - 9/10

MSI still relies on the Windows operating system, but they also have a couple of their own software which allows gamers to clock, tune, and check on the hardware with the help of their own software.

MSI has always been known for its helpful software and that just increases the value of their laptops up a notch.

The Thinnest Gaming Legion Laptop

Right along with MSI, Lenovo has introduced one of the thinnest gaming laptops ever made – Legion Y740S.

Even though it features a decent size and a pretty lightweight body, it’s a gaming laptop fully packed to tackle on any game no matter where gamer takes it.

Other than being the thinnest gaming laptop in 2020, what’s so great about Legion is the compatibility with the BoostStation external GPU box, so you can always expand the GPU to meet your demands.

Visually, nothing sets apart this laptop from other notebooks, however, what’s inside is really making a huge difference for a gamer or a professional.

Design & Build Quality - 9/10

Lenovo did an incredible job which started a new trend known as “ultrabook” gaming since Legion looks just like another ultrabook laptop and yet it’s a gaming beast hidden inside. It’s ideal for both gaming and professional work, featuring a pretty lightweight and durable body with an attractive design for a “ultrabook” gaming laptop.

Display - 9/10

Legion Y740S features a 4K display which has 600 nits brightness, and while it’s an incredible display with a very narrow bezel – there’s one downside which is only a 60Hz refresh rate – which might not be ideal for all gamers out there.

Productivity - 18/20

Thanks to the compact design and a very lightweight body – this 15” laptop is still easily portable. This makes it a very convenient choice for both gamers and design professionals who would like to increase their productivity on the go.

Warranty - 6/10

Even though there are only rumours on the length of warranty for this specific laptop from Lenovo, we’re pretty sure that it’s going to be decent at least. Lenovo has always been known for taking proper care of their customers as they always stand behind the quality of their products.

Innovation - 16/20

Legion Y740S might look like any other laptop, but when you have a closer look, it looks like a very unique laptop due to its ultra thin design and size. There are also a couple of interesting features which are very well combined with the innovation of one of the first “ultrabook” gaming laptops out there.

Money-to-Value - 18/20

Legion Y740S will have a starting price of just over $1,000 so this is a pretty affordable gaming laptop that can get help users get some serious work done on the go which makes it very well worth the price.

Software - 8/10

Legion Y740S will rely on a reliable Windows 10 operating system and we are sure that Lenovo will include a couple of software that will enhance the performance of the laptop in general.

ThinkBook with E-Ink Secondary Screen

Lenovo’s second laptop introduced at CES 2020 is really extraordinary in design due to its E-ink secondary screen which offers an intriguing and amazing combination of a netbook with a reading or drawing tablet in a modern way.

Since they’re known for introducing some of the best business laptops on the market – Lenovo was very brave combining the laptop’s regular screen with an E-ink secondary screen.

Inside, Lenovo is packing a powerful configuration and the good news is you will never lack ports since there are plenty.

On the outside, Lenovo managed to keep this laptop light and fairly thin no matter the two display technology.

The price is fairly affordable, considering the introduction and combination of new technology which could change the way laptops are used.

ThinkBook with E-Ink Secondary Screen
Design & Build Quality - 8/10

Dual screen laptops have been around for a year or two but Lenovo took it to a whole different level by introducing a very intriguing and interesting design. At the first look, this ThinkBook might look like any other laptop until you notice the double display – one on each side of the screen.

Display - 10/10

The most innovative thing about this laptop is its E-ink display which is now the first time being introduced to laptops. The second display is also a high-quality IPS display which makes this laptop every designer’s wish.

Productivity - 19/20

Lenovo made this ThinkBook with one purpose in mind and it is to boost productivity and change the way designer professionals work on a laptop.

Warranty - 7/10

Even though warranty terms and length is still unknown for the newest ThinkBook – we are convienced that Lenovo will provide a good support for another one of their products.

Innovation - 19/20

Considering that Lenovo took a big step to be the first manufacturer to introduce an E-ink display to a laptop, and even introduce a double-sided display, this is a highly innovative laptop we’re looking forward to see around.

Money-to-Value - 18/20

Considering the work and effort Lenovo put into creating such a laptop, and considering everything this laptop offers – it’s definitely going to be worth every dollar for a working professional who will benefit from the innovative features the most.

Software - 8/10

ThinkBook will rely on Windows 10 but it might even be supported by Windows 10X once it gets released. Also, you can expect Lenovo’s integrated software as well to make this display duo working to its fullest potential.

Dell XPS 13.4” - Smaller than A4 Paper

Dell has always focused on creating some of the best professional laptops that aren’t only fast & reliable, but laptops that look good and are easy to carry around.

Their latest XPS 13.4” laptop is an upgrade of their previous models, but the biggest difference is in size. Dell managed to make this laptop smaller than an A4 paper, and yet it still looks and feels like a 13” laptop.

Dell achieved this through a gorgeous redesign which can be considered as a light facelift, however, the display received the biggest upgrade and has been a game-changer in this situation.

XPS 13.4” features one of the thinnest screen bezels on the market right now, and if you focus enough on the screen – you might not even notice them at all.

The low entry configuration might not be ideal for all professionals, but it’s worth knowing that the low-entry configuration is very fairly priced, making this one of the most affordable laptops revealed at CES 2020.

Design & Build Quality - 7/10

Considering that this laptop is smaller than an A4 paper and it’s pretty lightweight – Dell did everything in their power to increase the portability of this laptop. Even though it’s not as innovative as some other laptops mentioned at CES 2020, but it serves a specific purpose.

Display - 10/10

Since this laptop is aimed at working professionals – a 16:10 aspect ratio in combination with a 4K display is exactly what makes this laptop intriguing on a completely different level.

Productivity - 18/20

Everything from the design, portability, high-resolution display, and the most high-end configuration points that this laptop is everything a professional could expect. It’s a productivity machine that only awaits you to get your work done.

Warranty - 6/10

Since warranty details still aren’t out, we can only estimate and guess that Dell will do a decent job. Even though they’re well known for their lack of support – they’re still offering decent warranties for their products.

Innovation - 15/20

There might be nothing astonishing about this laptop, but it’s the thought of creation and the whole purpose of this laptop that makes it innovative in one way.

Money-to-Value - 17/20

As this is everything a working professional can expect – it’s definitely worth every dollar it costs. However, you should consider the high-end components and display quality along with other features before checking out the price.

Software - 8/10

Since this is a Developer Edition laptop officially introduced by Dell, it will be featuring Linux display which is a go-to OS for programmers and professionals who work around the code.

Lenovo Support 5G

Lenovo played it very safe when it comes to prototypes of 2020 – and we already predict their success judging by their revealed products at CES 2020.

What Lenovo did so significant is that they introduced the new version of their famous Yoga laptop. However, the most important change was the introduction of 5G support – making their laptop one of the first laptops to introduce a 5G network to a laptop.

5G is known for being faster 10 times than 4G and this will make Lenovo’s laptop one of the fastest laptops on the market considering the internet speed.

This won’t only increase productivity by shortening the wait time, but it’s also increasing the value of a laptop for people who work on the go and rely on the LTE.

Design & Build Quality - 8/10

Design wise, Lenovo didn’t really stray away from their tested & proven quality design – so Lenovo Yoga 5G is still featuring a 2-in-1 style that makes it easy to use for any need. Build quality remains as high as other Lenovo products.

Display - 8/10

Lenovo managed to introduce a very quality display into a slim and portable laptop that enables vibrant entertainment without a single compromise. Narrow bezel really makes the display stand out while FHD & UHD wide-angle touchscreen offers pleasant & responsive feeling.

Productivity - 20/20

Since this is a 2-in-1 laptop that offers a high-end configuration which is combined with a very quality display – it’s made for both work & entertainment. It can get everything done a computer can, plus a lot more – even on the go.

Warranty - 7/10

Warranty information is still unknown for Yoga 5G as the laptop’s not released just yet – but we believe that Lenovo will stand behind their products as always and offer a quality warranty & support.

Innovation - 18/20

At the first look – Lenovo Yoga 5G doesn’t look like it introduces anything innovative or something that we haven’t seen already. However, on the inside – Lenovo is the first manufacturer to introduce 5G technology into laptops which is quite a big & innovative step.

Money-to-Value - 18/20

Other than the quality & durable design, easy portability, high-end configuration and an immersive display – 5G technology is one of the biggest reasons why this laptop is very well worth the price it costs.

Software - 9/10

Lenovo Yoga 5G will rely on Windows 10 OS which is going to offer a reliable support and responsiveness every user needs.

Foldable Lenovo Laptop

Lenovo worked hard last year to upgrade almost all of their laptop lineups with at least one incredible feature – which really made the choice hard at CES 2020.

If you remember the quality ThinkPad X1 laptop, you’ll be surprised by the fact that Lenovo introduced the foldability feature.

Now, this laptop might not be ideal for everyone – but anyone who can use this laptop to the most will definitely be able to increase the workflow and productivity on the go.

There is a detachable physical keyboard but the laptop is made out of a big screen that is foldable – making it usable as a big tablet, or as a folded laptop where you can use the bottom display half for direct on-screen typing.

This way, Lenovo also introduced the new version of the 2-in-1 laptop type.

When you take a look at the hardware – you will notice Lenovo aimed this laptop for professionals and executives who require reliability with a touch of a different approach.

It looks like foldability is the top feature of the future, but is it a threat to some of the best tablets we have used for years, such as the Apple iPad? We will have to wait on this one to find out!

Design & Build Quality - 10/10

Lenovo has built one of the first foldable laptops which features removable physical keyboard and yet integrated virtual OS keyboard can be used. At the same time, it’s a foldable laptop which features two displays without a visible disturbance between them two that makes it really quality & durable.

Display - 10/10

If this is what laptops are going to look like in the near future – we’re all in! Lenovo managed to make a laptop using two displays which are very well connected together and yet are foldable to achieve a dual-display experience without visual disturbance.

Productivity - 19/20

Since this laptop is very lightweight & portable and it can be used to work almost anywhere (even without a physical keyboard), it’s a perfect laptop for a professional who needs to get work done almost anywhere.

Warranty - 8/10

Warranty information isn’t released as of this moment, but we’re sure that Lenovo will offer a very pleasant and intriguing warranty length & terms for some of their most innovative laptops.

Innovation - 20/20

Since this is one of the first foldable laptops and Lenovo is one of the brands associated with this trend – this is a highly innovative laptop which is going to be increasing in popularity once it hits the market.

Money-to-Value - 17/20

Considering the configuration, design, and everything else this laptop offers – its fairly decent price is a great deal, as long as you know how to make the most out of a laptop of this design.

Software - 9/10

Since this is a pretty unique laptop and Microsoft is going to release a special version of Windows 10X for foldable laptops with two screens – this laptop is going to have a great software support.

Dell Two-Screen and Folded Laptop Prototype

Dell followed Lenovo’s steps and even though they’ve played it safe by introducing some really quality upgrades to their existing laptops – they’ve also introduced a pretty significant concept.

We’re talking about the concept revealed at CES 2020 called Concept Ori which is a 13” laptop screen that can fold in half.

We’re really excited to see such a concept where there are no visual disruptions between the display halves.

And since Windows is working on introducing Windows 10X which would be a version of Windows 10 that supports two-screen devices – Dell’s concept is probably going to live somewhere later this year.

Design & Build Quality - 9/10

At the first look, this laptop might look like a tablet – but it’s a fairly lightweight and thin laptop that features no physical keyboard and yet it has two displays which have a slight visual barrier in between them.

Display - 10/10

Dual display is a smart choice to move forward and this Concept Ori features a high-quality duo display that is going to be supported by Windows 10X. Needless to say, this display will be ideal for anything from entertainment to video editing, and a lot more.

Productivity - 19/20

Two displays are always better than just one display – and you might miss the physical keyboard, but you can always get the most out of both displays. Productivity is drastically increased thanks to the dual display which can offer a lot more ways of doing even the simplest tasks.

Warranty - 5/10

Dell’s usually not the most known company for the quality warranty, support, and service – but we believe that if their Concept Ori gets released – warranty will be strategically covering most of the important aspects of a laptop.

Innovation - 19/20

Dell is taking things further by introducing two displays to their laptops and they’re up along with Lenovo in innovation and considering their previous laptop models – this is definitely the biggest step towards innovation so far.

Money-to-Value - 18/20

Since this is still a concept and the price isn’t released – we can’t tell the actually money-to-value worth, but we believe that this laptop will be pretty affordable, even though it features one of the biggest design changes so far.

Software - 10/10

Dell has always been known for offering a good software support and since Microsoft is working on a new version of Windows, version 10X – this laptop will fully be covered when it comes down to software.

Switchable Screen ConceptD 4K Laptop

Acer is also one of the top brands that revealed their concept called ConceptD. It’s a 4K laptop concept which is aimed at design professionals.

It features an IPS UHD display which is available for various ways of use – making it ideal for work, school, or having client presentations.

It’s going to be one of the most powerful professional laptops featuring the 10th generation of Intel Core H-series processor, 32 GB DDR4 RAM, and NVIDIA RTX graphics. Clearly, this laptop is aimed at extensive and intense workloads.

ConceptD is also going to include Wacom PMR pen that will be able to draw or write almost anything on the display of such quality.

Even though it’s a bit pricey for private use – we’re sure that this laptop will be highly recommended in commercial use.

dims (1)
Design & Build Quality - 9/10

Design & build quality is really aimed at the professionals and for the commercial use since it is made for work and yet it can replace a working station in the office. Even though the screen can easily flip – laptop is pretty durable.

Display - 10/10

4K UHD IPS display is the right way to go in 2020 and knowing that this display features 400-nit brightness and that it you can draw or write almost anything – that’s really outstanding quality.

Productivity - 20/20

No matter where or how you work – this Acer ConceptD 7 Ezel is aimed for working professionals and companies in the design industry who are looking for the most compact and easiest yet reliable laptops for work. This laptop is able to increase the productivity of an individual – and you will be able to forget how you worked before this laptop.

Warranty - 8/10

Since this is still a concept laptop, warranty information isn’t available but Acer has been very well known for their support and warranty so we believe that this laptop will come with a very intriguing warranty as well.

Innovation - 17/20

This type of a laptop has been around for a couple of years, but Acer still managed to rely on the most recent hardware technology to create one of the best & most productive laptops for a working professional.

Money-to-Value - 17/20

Even though this laptop is considered very pricey by most users, you have to understand that it’s aimed at working professionals and companies who will look at this laptop as an investment that will know how to make the most out of this laptop.

Software - 8/10

Acer laptops are always known for their incredible software support from both Acer themselves and Microsoft as well. Since this is a touchscreen laptop – responsiveness is very well sorted through software.

Best Chromebook Laptop - Samsung Chromebook

Samsung launched the thinnest Chromebook and considering it’s a laptop made to run a super-light OS – Samsung really packed it up with high specification configuration.

Therefore, if you’re a big fan of Chromebook laptops, you can consider this to be one of the best Chromebooks so far. We’re pretty sure you won’t miss the introduction of a 4K display in Chromebooks either.

When you take the announced super light and super thin design – Samsung did a really good job at crafting an ultimate & premium Chromebook that will fit almost any type of use out there.

Design & Build Quality - 8/10

Samsung really took Chromebook laptops to another level by managing to keep the lightness and compactness of usual Chromebook laptop and yet it increased its quality in both performance and hardware.

Display - 8/10

You wouldn’t usually expect to see a 4K display in a Chromebook, and yet instead, Samsung did really surprise everyone by introducing one of the best displays in a Chromebook laptop.

Productivity - 18/20

Chromebook laptops have always been known for their smooth & reliable performance thanks to the light Chrome OS – but Samsung really improved the productivity by featuring high-end configuration that won’t stop any advanced user from finishing their work.

Warranty - 9/10

Samsung is very close to the top of the list when it comes down to warranty and we are sure that this Chromebook laptop which is packed with high quality components and incredible display will be very well covered with the Samsung’s warranty.

Innovation - 17/20

Technically, Samsung didn’t do a lot of innovation with this laptop. However, what they did is they started a new trend by taking Chromebook laptops to another level and yet keeping them affordable to the most average user out there.

Money-to-Value - 18/20

Samsung did a really clever move by ramping up Chromebook laptop with high-end configuration and a high-quality display and yet keeping the price very reasonable. This will become a new trend and Samsung will definitely benefit from their worth-while laptop.

Software - 9/10

Chrome OS has always been known as the reliable & light software and when you combine it with Samsung’s support – you can only expect the best.

Lenovo Ducati 5 - MotorBike Partnership

Have you ever seen a laptop being designed after one of the fastest motorbikes in the world? Lenovo took a brave step and has got into the partnership with Ducati.

Even though this is classified as a branded product rather than a concept – we were really stunned with Lenovo’s source of ideas.

This is going to be a limited edition laptop offered at only 12,000 samples – so if you’re really into this laptop made in collaboration with Ducati, you will have to hurry up with your order.

Hardware-wise, it’s fairly decent and is somewhere in the middle – but we were impressed with the 1080P IPS screen and connectivity for such a portable laptop.

Design & Build Quality - 6/10

If you’ve been familiar with Lenovo laptops – you’ll recognize their standard and pretty well-built design. However, for a laptop of this quality and even considering the partnership – we expected the design to be a little bit improved after all these years.

Display - 8/10

Lenovo did choose a really great size of a display which is 14” and they’ve ensured only the best quality for the Lenovo and Ducati lovers – which is FHD display at 300 nits. It’s not the best display out there – but for an average user, it’s definitely a great choice.

Productivity - 15/20

Since Lenovo Ducati 5 features a decent configuration and is running the latest version of Windows 10 – it’s a fairly reliable laptop which is still compact. This means you can easily take it on the go and still get work done no matter where you are. However, if you’re in design or require high-end configuration – this might not be the most productive laptop you can choose.

Warranty - 8/10

There’s still no information on the warranty of the Lenovo Ducati 5 – but since this laptop is made in collaboration with a big & important company such as Ducati, we believe that the warranty might even be better than the one Lenovo usually offers. This will help put Lenovo right on track and still satisfy Ducati lovers.

Innovation - 12/20

Other than a couple of red stripes to make sure this laptop stands out as a limited version made in collaboration with Ducat – there is nothing very innovative. We believe that if this laptop wasn’t made in collaboration with Ducat, it wouldn’t even be introduced at CES 2020.

Money-to-Value - 16/20

After all, if you’re still going to stick with a regular laptop in 2020 – this is a pretty affordable option which gets extremely cool if you’re a motorbike fan. However, we believe that it will be a bit pricier than it should due to the collaboration with Ducati – and there will be a limited number of laptops made so this will drive the price up further.

Software - 7/10

We don’t believe Ducati will have any influence on the software – we can only wish though, since this would be extremely cool. However, Lenovo will do a good job in combination with Microsoft’s OS. There might not be anything exceptional about software, but at least, you won’t have a thing to worry about.

As you can see from the concepts and incredible laptop upgrades revealed at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, laptops are becoming more portable and have even started featuring the latest foldable technology.

With this being said, one goal still remains the same. It’s to create a laptop that will be very well-connected while featuring the most portable design that offers easy use for everyone from personal users to commercial use.

Always Connected

Even though Apple has gone on its own path of relying on USB-C ports and actually disregarding most of the universal ports, including USB, there are still manufacturers who are fighting to make a laptop that will be very well connected without sacrificing its design or weight.

While this only resulted in a number and type of ports available – laptops at CES 2020 took it to another level by introducing a different type of connection. We’re talking about 5G connection.

Even though laptops that feature 4G connection already exist – you have to understand that 5G can achieve 10 times faster speeds. Other than not having to connect to a WiFi connection ever again – 5G will change the way we send and receive files online. 

Even though Apple has gone on its own path of relying on USB-C ports and actually disregarding most of the universal ports, including USB, there are still manufacturers who are fighting to make a laptop that will be very well connected without sacrificing its design or weight.

While this only resulted in a number and type of ports available – laptops at CES 2020 took it to another level by introducing a different type of connection. We’re talking about 5G connection.

Even though laptops that feature 4G connection already exist – you have to understand that 5G can achieve 10 times faster speeds. Other than not having to connect to a WiFi connection ever again – 5G will change the way we send and receive files online.

5G wifi technology concept

This will ultimately increase the workflow and productivity by shortening the waiting time. However, 5G doesn’t only introduce benefits, but it also has its own downsides.

Other than protests against 5G claiming that 5G generates harmful radiofrequency radiation – some manufacturers are still battling on ways to adapt 5G technology into their laptops.

However, we’re glad to see this step forward at the beginning of 2020 as this will only be improved and introduced to almost all of the laptops in the future, in no time.

“Ultrabook” Gaming

Gaming laptops have always been bulky and heavy, and we disregarded it by saying – that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Of course, such high-end configuration, cooling airflow requirements, and bigger designs lead to a bit bulkier and heavier laptops. In the gaming industry – these laptops were still fine as they were.

However, at CES 2020, we’ve seen that gaming laptops might not have to be bulky and heavy anymore. This introduction of thin and lightweight gaming laptops is known as “ultrabook” gaming.

In theory, it’s incredible to see such ability in technology to produce a laptop of such configuration at such weight and design. However, in practice, we think it might take many more months before this gets fairly adjusted – mostly due to the airflow problems such thin designs might cause.

However, we like how “ultrabook” gaming laptops are able to combine both gaming and professional & commercial work into one laptop – making it an ideal decision for a working professional who loves gaming without a need to have a gaming rig at home.

Fold, Fold, And Fold

From all laptop introductions at CES 2020, we’ve seen one thing over and over – and it’s the foldability.

If you have a closer look at foldable laptops introduced at CES 2020, it’s easy to see that folding laptop is going to become the biggest trend of 2020. It’s already becoming a thing this early in the year that we’ve ever seen competitors at CES 2020.

It’s usually hard to find two similar, almost identical, prototypes revealed at CES, and yet we’re sure that because of this – we’ll be using folding laptops pretty soon.

Of course, when we take into consideration the new version of Windows 10 known as Windows 10X which is made for foldable laptops – it’s clear to say that foldability is unavoidable at this point.

foldable laptop
Source: Hindustan Times

Chromebooks Are Taken to Another Level

Even though Chromebook laptops have been around for quite some time now – we were still pleasantly surprised to see a Chromebook innovation at CES 2020.

We’ve always known Chromebook laptops as a more affordable option that runs a very light OS which is ideal for everything from personal entertainment to some light work. That’s everything Chromebook stood for until CES 2020.

Samsung has introduced one of the most powerful Chromebook laptops ever! They still managed to keep the same lightweight and portable design and yet pack some high-end configuration.

Even though most people might consider this unnecessary – we really like Samsung’s idea to bring an exceptional version of a Chromebook for personal users at the lower budget.

We believe that other Chromebook manufacturers will take Samsung’s initiative and will continue to improve Chromebooks one step at a time.

If you didn’t have the chance to attend CES 2020 in Las Vegas – don’t worry since you still didn’t miss out on anything.

With the introduction of all laptops, we can clearly see a couple of trends that will take on 2020 and will develop further to meet the usable needs of both an average user but also the needs of a commercial user.

We’re pretty pleased with the innovation of everything that latest technology offered but we are sure that the development won’t stop right here and that this decade is going to be full of surprises.

Some of them will be predictable but some of them won’t – and that’s the beauty of technology!

What laptop did you like the most from all laptops that got introduced at CES 2020 and why?

Feel free to leave a comment below but also share feedback and ask questions, and we will do our best to help you out!

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