What Is An UltraBook?

Updated on June 30, 2020
what's an ultrabook

We often hear the word ultrabook, but what is an ultrabook? How does it differ from laptops?

What Is An Ultrabook?

Ultrabook is not a brand but purely a methodology, it is the product of Intel’s creative and innovative idea that laptops should be 1-inch thick or less without compromising its performance thanks to advanced technology that they use in realizing it. 

With its lightweight trademark and robust performance, ultrabook gains its name and popularity. Looking back, ultrabook was first introduced way back in 2011 based on Intel’s specification, powered by Intel’s “Sandy Bridge” processor, SSD and typically 4GB RAM, the ultrabook is a fairly speedy laptop. This back when it was launch, today’s ultrabooks are pretty amazing in terms of specs and designs, it can compete to high-end laptops.

Ultrabook since then has gone a long way.

Laptops have gotten thinner and mostly don’t have an optical drive, but who uses optical drives to this date? However, if your planning to buy for a laptop, it’s helpful to check if it meets the requirements of an ultrabook.

Who is ultrabook is great for?

Ultrabook is designed for anyone who wants thin and lightweight laptops with decent specs and if you travel frequently and mostly work on the web, doing research or other light tasks then ultrabook is good for you, it typically falls in mid-range category laptops, which is enough for most activities.

If you plan to do video rendering or heavy gaming, but in today’s date and improvements to ultrabooks, you can do that as well but little pricy than an average ultrabook, so if that’s you mentioned above then ultrabook is a good match for you.

How much does an ultrabook cost?

Intel’s price specification for an ultrabook is $1000, but depending on the specs and accessories they may range from $900 to over $1200, other manufacturers like Acer is about $900, while Samsung can dwell between $1100 to $1400 depending on model and screen size. 

If you plan on purchasing an ultrabook be ready to spend $1500 for highest-end models available, but the average price is close to $1000.

Ultrabooks: as an alternative to MacBooks 

MacBooks also gained a reputation for being very expensive, while Ultrabooks are pitched as premium devices, they are meant to cost less than a MacBook, with most around the $1,000 price tag. That’s not cheap, but it’s certainly a more affordable prospect than a MacBook or MacBook Pro.

Since their inception, Ultrabooks are now far more than “just” Windows-based alternatives to MacBooks. They’ve shown how you can have a brilliantly powerful Windows machine that has a thin and light design and solid build quality, with all the latest features built-in.

If your budget can stretch to one, by buying an Ultrabook, you can be sure that you will be getting an elegant and fast laptop that’s thin, light and durable, with a battery that should see you through the workday. 


In conclusion, laptops have been evolving rapidly and constantly as our lifestyles

have changed where people do not stay behind desks anymore. As a result, we needed devices to suit our fast-paced and mobile lives. 

Laptops have never been more attractive to consumers as they now offer great processors that are comparable with desktops, which also offer portability at the same time. Since the modern trend has been changed, people to be mobile and be ready to access their working environment in 24 hours, laptops’ features, functions, and designs are changing to suit the laptop-oriented lifestyles and that’s the reason why ultrabooks are introduced.

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