Top Internet Providers 2023: Latest Report

Updated on July 24, 2023

The search for the best internet provider is never-ending, especially now that more and more people demand speed, reliability, and consistency. Truth be told, we all want to have high-speed internet — the kind of connectivity that allows us to stream movies seamlessly, play online games without lag, and work efficiently from home without disruptions. However, with the sea of internet service providers out there, it can be challenging to find the best one for our needs.

Fortunately, several reputable companies, including Ookla, give out reports backed by real data and analytics. In this article, we’ll go over some of the top performers in this second quarter of 2023 to help you find the right internet provider for you. Let’s begin!

Fastest Fixed Internet Providers

Most households already have fixed internet installed in their homes, may it be cable or satellite internet, and of course, we want nothing less than the fastest and most reliable service. The latest report highlights some remarkable contenders in the fixed broadband arena that have truly raised the bar in terms of performance. Below, you’ll find the top providers for downloads, uploads, latency, and consistency based on Ookla’s latest report.

Top Internet Providers for Download Speeds

When it comes to fixed broadband, the report reveals some exciting competition among the top providers in the United States. In Q2 2023, Spectrum emerged as the leader, claiming the fastest median download speed at an impressive 243.02 Mbps. Cox followed closely behind at 241.78 Mbps, and XFINITY secured the third spot with a speed of 233.25 Mbps. AT&T Internet, Frontier, Optimum, and Verizon rounded out the list.

Top Internet Providers for Upload Speeds

Upload speeds are just as crucial as download speeds, particularly for users who frequently work from home, upload large files, or engage in video conferencing. AT&T Internet takes the lead in this category, offering an average upload speed of 166.86 Mbps during Q2 2023. 

Frontier and Verizon are not far behind, demonstrating their commitment to providing robust upload capabilities for their customers, with median upload speeds of 164.84 Mbps and 96.14 Mbps, respectively. Optimum, XFINITY, Cox, and Spectrum complete the lineup, all offering competitive upload speeds to meet the diverse needs of their users.

Top Internet Providers with the Lowest Latency

Latency is a big issue internet users face, and when it comes to addressing this issue, users usually rely on fiber internet as it is known to deliver the lowest latency. So if you’re looking for an internet provider that offers the lowest latency, Verizon and Frontier are your two best options. With median multi-server latency values of just 15 ms and 17 ms, these two have set the benchmark for optimal online experience. 

It’s worth noting that other top internet providers like AT&T Internet, Cox, XFINITY, and Spectrum have also made significant strides in reducing latency across their networks. With median latency values ranging from 25 ms to 31 ms, these providers offer impressive performance and responsiveness to cater to a diverse range of user needs.

Top Internet Providers for Consistency

consistency is a crucial factor to consider when evaluating internet service providers. Consistency measures the reliability of an internet connection, ensuring that users experience minimal fluctuations and interruptions during their online activities. A provider that offers consistent performance can be a game-changer, especially for users who heavily rely on a stable connection for work, online education, or entertainment.

According to Ookla’s latest report, Spectrum stands out as the top performer in terms of consistency during the second quarter of 2023, with a remarkable consistency score of 91.8%. Following shortly is Xfinity, with a consistency rate of 91.5%. Cox, Optimum, Verizon, and AT&T also delivered great with scores ranging from 91.3% to 84.3%.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best internet provider is an important decision that directly impacts our daily lives in an increasingly connected world. When doing your research, make sure to consider only those lists or articles that are backed by real data and expert analysis to ensure that what you’re following isn’t misleading. This way, you won’t be disappointed if you ever switch to a different internet service provider. Good luck!

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