How to Properly Use and Maintain Your CBD Vape Pen

Updated on June 12, 2023
How to Properly Use and Maintain Your CBD Vape Pen

Vaping has become crazily popular among young people due to the convenience and discreetness of this experience compared to smoking. It’s enough to take the vaping device out of your pocket and press one button to enjoy the thick, dense, and flavorful smoke instantly. You don’t need to find a conspicuous place to avoid irritating the public with stinky tobacco smoke; neither is it necessary to let everyone know about your habit. Thus, vaping is on the rise, especially among young people, and the market responds with tons of fancy designs and constructions that aid the positive consumer experience. 

CBD users are also in for a treat, as there have been many CBD vaping devices on offer recently – see more about them at With pocket-friendly vaping pens, taking a shot or two of the relaxing CBD e-liquid has never been so easy. Unlike disposable pens that may be thrown into the trash once used, rechargeable pens offer a more esthetically pleasing vaping experience and reduce CBD consumption price. However, they require special care and treatment. Here is a detailed guide on using and maintaining your CBD vaping pen that will ensure that it serves you for a long time and doesn’t disappoint. 

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Vaping Pen’s Storage Rules 

Treating a CBD vaping pen like an ordinary pen or a pack of cigarettes won’t do; you risk having CBD vaping juice all around your apartment as a result of leakage. Here are a couple of storage tips that will prolong your vaping device’s life and ensure you enjoy its use to the maximum. 

  • Put it upright. Please avoid storing the vaping device horizontally or putting its mouthpiece downwards. In these cases, you increase the risk of CBD juice leakage and create a favorable environment for dust entry into the system. None of these is healthy for your vaping device, so it’s vital to store the pen upright, with the mouthpiece turned upward. 
  • Avoid heat. The optimal storage condition for vaping devices is room temperature, as both the device and the e-liquid are non-tolerant to extreme temperature fluctuations. The e-liquid in your pen is non-tolerant to direct sunlight and heating, so you can spoil the contents or even run the risk of battery explosion if you expose the vaping device to excessive heat. 
  • Don’t let the dust get into the pen. Dust penetration into the system is the leading cause of vaping pens’ damage and refusal to work. Thus, it’s vital to keep the pen free from dust, stored in a special container or wrap. 
  • Avoid physical damage. It’s vital to keep your vaping device intact, with its case being free from cracks or holes. Please stop using the vaping pen if it falls and cracks; in this case, the risk of a damaged battery rises manifold, suggesting that it may explode in your hands during use. 

These three simple tricks can help you maintain the vaping pen for many months, if not years, and enjoy an unrivaled vaping experience with maximum benefits for your health. 

Cleaning Your Device Properly 

Besides proper storage, your vaping devices require careful cleaning and maintenance to deliver a positive vaping experience to you. Here’s how you can do it right and with minimal risks: 

  • Unscrew the vaping device. Though the vaping pen is a device threaded together to ensure an easy, user-friendly application, you can set its components apart to clean it properly. Please remember that these manipulations can be performed only with rechargeable pens; disposable devices usually can’t be disassembled.   
  • Give attention to every component. Clean every part carefully with a cotton swab with alcohol to ensure that all parts are freed from the remnants of e-liquid. The tank also requires cleaning so that you avoid the accumulation of harmful bacteria that can cause lung infections and damage
  • Let it dry. Dry all components before assembling the vaping device; if you are impatient, dust or moisture can enter the system and spoil your user experience.  
  • Reassemble all parts. Now that all parts are clean and dry, it’s time to reassemble the device and fill the tank with a new portion of e-liquid for further consumption. 

Other Maintenance Tips 

Besides storing and cleaning the vaping pen correctly, you need to check the freshness of your vaping juice occasionally. Though it seems that the e-liquid can be used forever, it’s not so, and the regular shelf life of CBD vaping juices is up to 2 years after manufacturing. Thus, you need to check the expiry date or at least the production date (if expiry is not indicated on the label) and note that information down, especially if you’re buying a large container for long-term use. Inhaling expired e-liquid is highly dangerous for your health, as vaping juice contains many additional components, which may change their chemical properties after expiry. 

Besides, you need to keep the e-liquid stored correctly if you don’t want it to go bad prematurely. Apart from the recommendations above (storing the vaping device far from bright sunlight and heat), you also need to find the right place for e-liquid’s storage where it won’t be contaminated with dust and will remain fresh and potent a long time. Some experts recommend storing e-liquid containers in a freezer, guaranteeing that all components are adequately preserved and do not oxidize. Still, it is not a good variant for the e-liquid you’re regularly using, as you will need to freeze and unfreeze it every couple of days. So, the optimal storage for vaping juices is a refrigerator; it will keep your vaping juice supplies free from dust and sunlight and preserve a convenient temperature for their long-term freshness. 

Take Care of Your Vaping Device 

As you can see, proper care for the vaping device can prolong its life and let it care for your health longer. It’s important to keep the device clean and monitor the freshness and quality of your vaping liquid, as vaping poor-quality vapor is highly dangerous for lung health. So, make it a regular routine to clean your vaping device, and it will please you with a user-friendly, therapeutic vaping experience without limitations. 

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