Exploring AI Writing by Chat GPT vs. Assignment Services: A Comparative Analysis

Updated on August 30, 2023

Students’ lives are full of unexpected turns. It involves the complexity of academic tasks escalating each year. Assignment assistance platforms have become a viable solution to help students. Students may dive into reviews of these companies to make a wise choice. For example, they can browse dozens of essay pro reviews before deciding. But, the emergence of AI is reshaping this landscape. 

A lot of students start to pursue their careers early on. Such a strain makes it challenging to get assignment writing service help. AI writing tools are stepping in as a potential solution. GPT chat, as a prime example, extends support for academic tasks.

A natural inquiry appears: Can AI writing bots be better than writing experts?

This article will provide a comparative analysis of these platforms. You will have solid ground for making such a decision.

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Exploring GPT Chat: Upsides and Downsides of the Platform

Many people have heard about ChatGPT and other bots. But what is Chat GPT anyway? It is a product of OpenAI. The chatbot combines NLP technologies and advanced neural network training. This approach results in a lifelike communication experience.

Gpt chat may do small talks, build plans, and even serve as an assignment writing service.

Beyond these capabilities, ChatGPT boasts several merits:


  • Free Access. Joining ChatGPT comes at no charge. The base version, 3.5, is both unlimited and free of cost.
  • Efficient Interface. ChatGPT employs an intuitive interface that is navigable by anyone. Make your request and receive your answer.
  • Impressive Performance. Even the most intricate questions are handled by ChatGPT.

Nonetheless, there are several drawbacks to consider:


  • Plagiarism Concerns. Due to its reliance on existing textbases, ChatGPT’s responses may need more originality.
  • Susceptibility to AI Detection. Specialized software can identify AI-generated text from ChatGPT.
  • Variable Output Quality. ChatGPT’s results might need to be better in cases of insufficient training material.
  • Complex Writing Inconsistency. ChatGPT struggles to give a decent answer that is longer than a paragraph.
  • Limited Fact-Checking. ChatGPT is unable to furnish reliable sources to corroborate its answers.
  • Technical Constraints. Instances arise where the servers struggle to manage the influx of requests.

Assignment Writing Services: Advantages and Limitations

ChatGPT can be of use for a wide range of inquiries. Yet, its capabilities in assignment writing help still need improvement. Thus, assignment writing services maintain a strong foothold in the market.

On the other hand, if students choose an assignment writing service, they get several benefits. Opting for assignment assistance yields the following advantages:

  • Customized Composition. Writing professionals consider your preferences on tone, format, and specific criteria.
  • Plagiarism-Free Content. These services ensure the originality of their work, guaranteeing plagiarism-free assignments.
  • Security and Confidentiality. Professional assignment writing services focus on your privacy. They ensure your personal information is safeguarded.
  • Diverse Service Array. You can expect professional quality from the assignment assistance platform. They can do anything from a minor essay to a thesis.
  • Expert Execution. Enlisting aid from proficient individuals ensures a solid foundation. Writing experts possessing extensive domain knowledge infuse assignments with essential details.

Nonetheless, shortcomings exist within writing platforms, too. You may expect the following limitations:

  • Time Considerations. Unlike AI-powered solutions, immediate results aren’t attainable. Completion may take at least 6 hours.
  • Revision Potential. Despite quality assurances, the potential for errors and the need for revisions remain.
  • Cost Factor. Unlike free AI help, these services have price lists. Urgency elevates costs—quicker turnaround demands higher investment.

Presence in the Market

You should consider reputation as another vital factor when you weigh your options. OpenAI’s creation has disrupted the market. Still, its presence spans a few years, leaving room for refinement.

In contrast, assignment help services boast a track record spanning several decades. Their operational knowledge within the realms of academic ethics is extensive. Many students trust them, which builds a solid ground for further cooperation. 

Yet, there’s a caveat with ChatGPT – its utilization could potentially jeopardize one’s education. There were situations when universities expelled students due to AI writing use. This feature underscores the limitations in both symbols and performance that ChatGPT confronts. In stark contrast, assignment aid platforms offer unbounded assistance. They readily tackle assignments of diverse lengths and complexities, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Final Words

Students always need support. Whether an assignment writing service or an AI language model, a well-crafted assignment can significantly help. AI language models such as ChatGPT generate coherent outcomes. It takes a few minutes without a high cost for decent enough AI writing. 

Yet, the drawbacks tend to outweigh the merits. Rapid and cost-free solutions frequently yield unsatisfactory outcomes. Here, the expertise of a professional assignment writing service like EssayPro shines. Such services offer superior efficiency.

You can’t overestimate help in academic assignments. Adept experts and their support will be more beneficial in the long run. At the same time, plagiarized chat-generated works will only do a little good.

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