iPad Charges while your PC is off via Gigabyte Motherboard

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23 Apr, 2010 7:00 pm


Tablets are the device of the hour, but they are larger form factor peripheral devices, many have the same processing power as a netbook. Yet we would never consider charging our netbook via USB. Each Apple device has its own controller that requests as much power as any Netbook. So now that we the consumer demand convenient charging, Gigabyte has a hardware solution with a part software solution on its motherboards that will now allow you to charge your iPad and other Apple devices while your PC is off. Apple devices in my books are usually only ahead of the curve when it comes to software and software ecosystems. In the case of the iPad, it is pushing traditional usb charging because of its large form factor. The average gadget usually only draw a mere 0.5A for a trickle charge, so that hail mary plug in while your running late & out the door doesn’t really do too much.

I went down to the Gigabyte head office to take a look at this on/off charge technology GIGABYTE which is going to reduce my charge time by around 40%. The proof is always in the pudding and there were more volt meters then people in this testing lab. We got to see how many more amps were delivered and learn a bit about motherboard architecture.

What I also found interesting is that you don’t need to buy a new gigabyte motherboard to take advantage of all the features. We learned about a backwards compatible On/Off Charge driver the biggest difference with just using the driver, not in combination with the hardware port, is that you cannot plug in your device while the PC is off, you’ll have to turn your PC on then turn if off. If you have the new motherboards with the hardware upgrade, plug in to your off pc and walk away.

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