Must-Have Accessories for Your Mobile Devices

Updated on July 19, 2023

Owners of sleek new iPhones or Android devices are always looking to maximize their experience with these powerful gadgets. Even those who purchase refurbished smartphones can benefit from knowing the best accessories for phones. Maybe it’s enough to be limited to what the phone offers? Try to go further, and we will help you with this.

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#1 A Fast Charger 

Waiting for your phone to charge fully can be quite frustrating. Additionally, some flagship phones like the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models no longer come with a charger in the box. If you’re tired of using slow, less efficient chargers that lead to painfully long charging times, consider investing in a fast charger. It’s a great way to ensure your phone stays powered up throughout the day.

By the way, along with fast charging, the first thing to take care of is VPN. A good VPN is a must, as it will protect the device and data on it from hackers and various vulnerabilities. You can personally assess whether you need a VPN. To get started, you can use the free trial VeePN. It can be installed directly from the app store or via an apk file. Everyone decides for himself. VPN can help out in a variety of situations: with problems accessing sites, blocking content, restricting access by IP, etc.

#2 Car Mount

Prioritizing safety is crucial for frequent road travelers. Keeping your focus on the road and surroundings instead of screens is vital for your well-being and those around you. However, there may be times when you need to set a hands-free Siri or Google Assistant-guided GPS route without looking at your phone. You may also encounter situations requiring a hands-free call or adjusting your vehicle’s Bluetooth-connected playlist.

#3 Bluetooth Speaker

Nowadays, there are various Bluetooth speakers available for camping trips, tropical vacations, and road trips. These speakers offer features like long battery life, ample bass (especially on larger models), and the inclusion of an AUX port for wired phone connection. Many speakers are also water-resistant and some even float, making them suitable for poolside use. Additionally, some speakers allow phone connection to multiple speakers of the same brand and model, enabling the creation of a personalized portable stereo system.

#4 A High-Quality Smartphone Case

Your phone goes through a lot of bumps, drops, scrapes, scuffs, and flings during its lifetime. That’s why having the right case is important. It helps prevent cosmetic and severe damage, which could require repairs or a replacement. Smartphone cases have evolved over the years. There are now premium leather folios, protective bumpers, and ultra-thin cases that provide near-invisible protection.

#5 Selfie Stick Tripod

The 3 in 1 Extendable Selfie Stick Tripod is a versatile wireless camera tripod. With its ability to function as a Selfie monopod, Cell phone holder, and Remote Shutter for time-lapse photography, it provides convenience and flexibility for capturing the best selfie pictures. This Bluetooth wireless camera tripod extends up to 40 inches, allowing users to adjust it to different angles. Its user-friendly design not only enables excellent selfies but also facilitates effortless video recording.

#6 Pop Socket

Many smartphone owners practice the art of the selfie, using platforms like Tik-Tok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Maintaining a steady grip on the device is crucial for capturing the perfect shot and shooting selfie videos without excessive shaking. To achieve this, Pop Sockets and similar products can be attached to the rear of the phone or integrated into phone cases. These products provide a retractable handle-like feature on the back of the device, which can be hidden when not in use.

#7 Portable charger

A portable charger, also known as a power bank, is a must-have accessory for people with active lifestyles. It ensures the convenience of charging your phone anywhere, anytime, eliminating the need for a power outlet. An ideal portable charger should have a high-capacity battery for long-lasting usage, fast charging features, and multiple charging ports.

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#8 Smartwatches

With a smartwatch, there’s no need to carry your phone around or constantly check for notifications. It conveniently tracks your daily steps and allows for messaging and phone calls.

#9 Screen Protector

For optimal safeguarding, look for tempered glass. The higher the strength, the better. This will allow you to survive a more serious fall of the Phone. A reliable screen protector should shatter as a single piece, resembling a spiderweb, upon impact, thus preventing any damage to your actual screen. Additionally, don’t forget to check the cut-outs on the protector to ensure it doesn’t cover any crucial elements.

#10 UV Sterilizer

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, prioritizing health and safety is crucial, especially for individuals commuting to workplaces that don’t offer remote options such as offices, long-term care homes, and factories. UV sterilizers may seem expensive, but they are actually reasonably priced. Placing your phone inside a UV sterilizer after being outside, along with its case to eliminate bacteria, helps reduce the risk of catching cold or flu bugs that are currently circulating.


By investing in the right accessories, you can make your life easier and more enjoyable while on the go. From a good VPN to secure your device and data, to a portable charger for charging anytime, anywhere; there are many accessories that will prove invaluable during travel. Each individual’s needs vary depending on their lifestyle, so choose the ones essential for you and enjoy.

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