3 Simple Steps to Recover Data from External Hard Drive

Updated on September 14, 2023
3 Simple Steps to Recover Data from External Hard Drive

External hard drives extend the storage capacity of your device and allow you to easily transfer files, save big data, or create backups of important data items. You can easily store and carry terabytes of data everywhere using external hard drives. These external drives are also known for several features, like their speed, cost, and compact size. But sometimes, due to several reasons like accidental deletion, virus or malware attacks, or even sudden power failure, you may encounter data loss issues on External hard drives. 

Whatever is the reason for data loss on your External hard drive, it is always possible to recover deleted files on it. Here, in this article, we will discuss 3 simple steps to recover data from an External hard drive easily. Just go with these steps for recovering external hard drives to get your deleted files back. 

What Causes Deletion of Data on External Hard Drive

Before you learn recovery methods, it is important to find the exact cause of the data loss issues on your hard drive. Some main reasons for such problem are:

  • Accident Deletion: You may have deleted files from your external drives by mistake. This mainly occurs when you try deleting any other file, such as photos, videos, email messages, etc. from your device and eventually deletes important files. 
  • Formatting: Formatting the storage drive, including external hard drives, is the main cause of the loss of data files from it. When you format your computer, all its stored content gets wiped off. To avoid such a situation, it is advised to create a backup of your files before formatting your device OS or any storage drive.
  • Corruption: Sometimes, your external hard drives get corrupted and make all its data inaccessible. There are several reasons, like power outages, viruses, bad sectors, improper ejection of external hard drives, etc. why such corruption issues usually occur. 
  • Virus or Malware Attacks: If your external hard drives anyhow get affected by suspicious programs like viruses or ransomware, it leads to corruption or even data loss issues. To avoid such a situation, it is important to keep updated anti-virus software installed in your system and regularly scan your device for such suspicious programs. 

Recover Data from External Hard Drive Using Stellar Data Recovery Professional

If you have lost data from your External hard drive due to any reason, don’t worry. Stellar Data Recovery Professional allows you to recover your deleted data in any scenario, including formatting or virus attacks. You can use this professional data recovery software to recover files of any type such as photos, videos, documents, etc. from external hard drives in 3 simple clicks. Not only external hard drives, this all-in-one recovery tool supports the recovery of deleted files from several other storage media such as Flash Drives, Hard Drives, Digital Cameras, etc. 

Why is Stellar Data Recovery Professional Best for File Recovery from External Hard Drive?

Before you proceed with the Stellar data recovery tool to restore files deleted from your External hard drive, it is important to know how this software is actually helpful. There are many factors which make the data recovery tool best to handle data loss problems. Some of these factors are listed below:

  • This recovery tool supports different file systems, such as FAT, NTFS, HFS+, etc. in which your external drive can be formatted. 
  • The software allows you to preview the recoverable files before saving them on your device.
  • This recovery software support recovery of files from severely corrupted or RAW physical or removable storage media such as HDDs, SSDs, and others.
  • The software offers Disk Imaging and Drive Cloning features which respectively create an image or replica of the hard drive to perform smooth data recovery.

How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive using Stellar Data Recovery

Now that you are familiar with the features of the Stellar Data Recovery Professional tool, it’s time to learn the exact recovery steps to know how to recover files using it. The software offers a simple and easy-to-use interface which can benefit both beginners and experienced users. You can follow the below-given 3 simple steps to recover data from external hard drives using this tool:

Step 1: First, you need to download and install the Stellar Data Recovery Professional tool in your system. Launch the software and select the file that you need to recover and click the Next button.

Step 2: Now, on the Recover From window, select the storage location from where you need to recover the lost file and then click the Scan button.

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Step 3: Wait till the scanning process gets completed. After that, preview the recoverable files and select the files which you need to save. Click the Recover button to save the selected files at the desired storage location.

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Just after the successful completion of the above steps, your file will get recovered from an external hard drive and get saved wherever you want.

Tips to Avoid Deletion of Data from External Hard Drives

Checkout and keep the following tips in your mind always to prevent data loss issues on your External hard drives:

  • Backup Regularly: It is important to back up all your storage devices, including external hard drives, on a separate storage device or storage location or in the cloud. These backups help a lot if you accidentally delete anything important from your device.
  • Use Write Protection: Some external hard drives come with physical write protection which prevents accidental deletion or any changes on it. You can enable this option if you don’t need to perform a write operation or modify the data on the drive. 
  • Check Before Deleting: Before you delete any file from your system, either temporarily or permanently, it is important to double-check the files and folder before deleting.
  • Eject Properly: It is very important to properly eject the external hard drives from your system when you are done using them. Sudden disconnection can cause file system corruption or data loss issues.
  • Install Antivirus software: As the virus is also the main cause of the deletion of files on External hard drives, you must have an updated version of Antivirus software installed in your system to prevent such data loss issues. 

Wrapping Up:

Remember, issues like the deletion of files from an external hard drive or any other storage device can occur to anyone at any time. Whenever you encounter such data loss issues, go through the aforementioned 3 simple steps to recover data from an external hard drive using professional data recovery software. Stellar Data Recovery Professional allow you to restore files deleted due to any reason in 3 simple clicks. But it is important to create backup of your important files to protect your valuable data.

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