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Sarah Adedun Updated on May 6, 2020
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When jumping into the expanding world of mobile devices, not all users are ready to give up the Microsoft experience they already know and love. We’ve searched every last inch of the Internet to find the best Windows 10 tablets currently available!

Need a highly portable device with a touch screen, but want to stick with Windows programs instead of moving over to Android or iOS apps?

Below we’ve ranked those choices according to budget and features. Whether you need a cheap model to write up emails or a high end unit for graphic design, we’ve got a perfect option to meet your needs.

The Lineup At A Glance

Reviews of Best Cheap Windows Tablets 2020

1. Windows 10 Fusion5 Ultra Slim – Best Budget Windows Tablets 2020


Not quite ready to drop several hundred dollars on a tablet, but still need the full Microsoft OS? Fusion5 easily has the best cheap Windows tablet that costs less than buying a full laptop.

  • Very affordable
  • Full Windows 10 in a lightweight handheld device
  • Lower quality display resolution
  • Less battery life

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Key features & details

As tablets, laptops, netbooks and 2-in-1s all start to bleed together, we’ve reached a point where you don’t need a full notebook to get the full Windows 10 experience.

If you prefer a handheld device in the 10 inch range but want Windows 10 Home instead of Android, this is the model to pick.

At under $200, this is easily the most affordable Windows tablet. It doesn’t skimp on the specs either, sporting enough RAM and CPU speed to make Windows run smoothly.

While several of our other models feature larger storage capacities, this is still an excellent way to get both a tablet and a Windows PC without spending much money.

The only real downside to going this cheap is in the display quality. While some users won’t notice the difference, with this level of resolution you won’t get full 1080p HD streaming quality.

For an extra hundred dollars, you can bump up to a full HD display by picking the Asus VivoBook Flip model listed below instead.

Hardware specifications for Windows 10 Fusion5 Ultra Slim Processor Intel Quadcore AtomTM x5-Z835 RAM 4GB Storage 64GB Graphics Integrated Intel HD Graphics Display 10 inch touch screen display, 1280 x 800 pixels resolution Operating System Windows 10 Home Battery Life 6 hours Weight 1.52 lbs

2. Chuwi HI10 Tablet – Top Pick with a Keyboard


If you are the type that sways between using a Windows or an Android operating system, the Chuwi HI10 tablet helps you solve it in one affordable package.

  • Suave design
  • Detachable keyboard
  • Stylus Pen
  • Quick booting time
  • Dual OS
  • Poor camera
  • Thin speakers

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Key features & details

With a weight of 68kg, the Chuwi HI10 tablet has a great build and form. The satin finish and metal exterior give it a high-end look.

The tablet’s operating system is a remix of both Windows 1 and Android 5.1. To boot the Android OS, it takes half a minute while the Windows OS needs 15 seconds to load. The booting time for the operating systems is relatively faster than others in the same market and this is due to the Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 X5 processor.

Chuwi HI10 has a slot for SD card thereby making it possible to increase its storage capacity to 128GB. The RAM size is 4GB and it has a 64GB ROM.

Luckily, the tab has several ports which include a micro USB, HDMI port, audio, and USB-C port. The audio port helps in producing nice enough sound but the speakers do not project well.

The battery of the tablet lasts up to 6hours due to its 8400mAH capacity. Therefore, with a good quality power bank, you can get up to 3 full charges.

The camera quality of the tablet is not so great due to the 2MP rear and front camera. So, if you need a device for picture taking or video recording, this is not an option for you.

Perhaps the best qualities of the tablet are its detachable keyboard and the stylus pen that makes it stylish.

Hardware specifications for Chuwi H10 Tablet Processor 2.4 GHz Atom Z8350 RAM 4 GB SDRAM DDR3 Storage 64 GB Hybrid Graphics Trail X5 Display 10.1 inches ; 1920×1080 Operating System Windows 10 and Android 5.1 Battery Life 6 hours Weight 1.9 pounds Other Features Stylus pen, Detachable keyboard

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 6 – Best Overall Surface Pro Model


Prefer to go straight to the manufacturer for a top of the line Windows experience? If you want the single best Surface Pro tablet available on the market today, the Surface 6 is your best bet.

  • Very lightweight
  • Excellent battery life
  • Keyboard and pen sold separately
  • Fairly high price

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Key features & details

When you need a sleek, lightweight device that packs a punch, the Surface Pro perfectly fits the bill.

For business users who need to mark up documents or scribble designs, there isn’t a better Windows 10 pick out there.

While the stylus must be bought separately, the Microsoft Pen glides incredibly smoothly across this touch screen display.

There’s no shortage of entertainment options here, either. With an extremely high end display, you get crystal clear video streaming even at very high resolutions.

In terms of high performance and quality build for a sturdy, attractive device, you won’t find a better option at this price point.

Note that we went with the i5 version featuring a 128GB SSD for a lower price, since those specs will meet the needs of most buyers.

You can bump the Surface pro up to an i7 and 256GB SSD to future proof your tablet, although the price more than doubles.

Hardware specifications for Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Processor Intel Core i5 8400T (1.3GHz) RAM 8GB Storage 128GB Graphics Intel UHD Graphics 620 Display 12.3” touch screen display, 2736 x 1824 pixels resolution Operating System Windows 10 Home Battery Life 13 hours Weight 1.7 lbs

4. ASUS VivoBook Flip 14 Thin And Light – Top Choice With Office Pre-Installed


Need to ensure you get the right productivity tools right out of the box? If you mostly need a tablet for word processing, this is our top pick for the best Windows tablet with Office already included.

  • Low price
  • Office included
  • Much lower specs than the ZenBook
  • Windows S

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Key features & details

While there are plenty of word processing and spreadsheet apps out there for free, some buyers prefer the layout of the full Microsoft Office suite.

If you’re in that boat, you can buy a Windows tablet and get Office included in the purchase price.

That’s what you get with the VivoBook Flip, which is a stripped down version of the ZenBook listed above.

This is a perfect solution or users who mostly just need to type up documents or share spreadsheets with coworkers, but aren’t obsessed with high end specs.

As a bonus, this model has a much higher screen resolution than the Fusion5 listed above, so it’s a great option for budget buyers.

Note that the FlipBook starts with the S version of Windows 10, which offers more security by only allowing you to download apps from the Microsoft store.

Don’t let that scare you off though, as it only takes a few minutes to upgrade (for free) to the full Home version of Windows 10 if you need that functionality.

Hardware specifications for ASUS VivoBook Flip 14 Thin and Light Processor Intel Celeron N4000 Dual Core Processor (Up to 2.6 GHz); RAM 4GB Storage 64GB eMMC Graphics Intel UHD Graphics 600 Display 14” nanoedge touch screen display, 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution Operating System Windows 10 S Battery Life 8 hours Weight 3.3 lbs Other Features 2-in-1 design, Office included

5. Microsoft Pro LTE – The Best Netbook


A great portable option for professionals who find themselves constantly working in odd places without a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Portable
  • Fast LTE Connection
  • Great keyboard addition
  • USB Type-C charging
  • Cramped screen
  • Poor battery life

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Key features & details

The Microsoft Pro LTE may not be a computer, but it works well enough like one. This is due to the fact that it has its limitations which slows users down from doing too much with it.

Microsoft Pro LTE has the same features as the Wi-Fi model but without the option for a Core i7 processor.

According to the manufacturer Microsoft, battery life is up to 12.5 hours but this is based on video watching alone. Optimal use of the system revealed that the battery life is more or less seven hours. Although this is less than what the Wi-Fi version offers, it is still acceptable for a tablet of its size.

The front camera is 5Mp which produces sharp images and allows users to enable the face authentication feature. The tablet also has an 8MP rear facing camera that is serviceable enough.

Presence of a quick stand means you can go hands-free and prop the tab on various angles. However, the keyboard and pen of the tablet is something that has to be purchased separately. But, attaching the keyboard to the tablet is relatively easy due to the magnetic connector. The keyboard is backlit ensuring continuous use even in dimly lit places.

Hardware specifications for Microsoft Pro LTE Processor 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5 RAM 8 GB Storage 256 GB Graphics 630HDM Display 12.3 inches; 2736 x 1824 Operating System Windows 10 Battery Life Up to 7 hours Weight 1.7 pounds Other Features Keyboard; Stylus Pen

Buying The Best Cheap Windows Tablets In 2020

1. Design

Since you will hold a tablet directly in your hands most of the time, your top concern should be comfortable design with a low overall weight.

For the most comfort when holding a tablet (or viewing it in tent mode on a table), we recommend sticking between 10 – 13 inches in the vast majority of cases.

If at all possible, look for a Windows tablet that’s in the 1.5 – 2 pound range so the unit doesn’t become uncomfortable to hold.

The only reason to go above 2 pounds is to get a 2-in-1 device with an included keyboard, but even then be on the lookout for the lightest models available.

2. Features

While most users look at the RAM and CPU first, your next priority should be to ensure a Windows tablet has the specific extra features you need before making a buying decision.

When picking a tablet, some of your top priorities should be finding high end screen resolution, innovative designs, and extra bells and whistles that make a unit better than the competition.

We recommend a minimum of 1920 x 1080 resolution for a Windows tablet, unless you are picking an extreme budget model under $200.

Be sure to also consider if you need extra features like a detachable keyboard, 2-in-1 design with a permanent keyboard that flips back, or even an included stylus.

Finally, consider that many Windows machines come with different port configurations. You may want certain types of ports for connecting external drives or hooking up to a monitor for presentations.

3. Performance

Tablets will typically lag behind full laptops in terms of hardware, but if you carefully compare specs you can still get a fast unit that loads apps quickly.

Tablets will typically lag behind full laptops in terms of hardware, but if you carefully compare specs you can still get a fast unit that loads apps quickly.

Due to the extensive nature of the OS, Windows tablets need different minimum specs than their Android or Apple counterparts. If you go too low on the RAM and CPU, you will end up with a very unsatisfactory experience with super slow load times.

We recommend a bare minimum of 4GB of RAM for any Windows based tablet. Because Windows takes up so much space, don’t settle for less than 64GB of storage capacity, either.

For the best speeds, don’t ever pick a Windows tablet with an HDD. Make sure the unit features an eMMC or SSD rather than a standard hard disk drive.

4. Battery

When browsing through user reviews, you will consistently notice the biggest complaints from angry buyers tend to deal with low battery life, so don’t skimp out on this important feature!

Windows tablets will generally use power at a higher rate than Android models due to the hardware involved, but there are still plenty of models that can give you all day battery life.

In general, we recommend picking a unit with at least 6 hours of battery life, but 8 – 10 is better if you don’t want to frequently plug into an outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a tablet better than a laptop?

For multitasking and high performance, laptops are generally better. The focus of tablets is on portability and ease of use.

What is the difference between a tablet and a phone?

The tablet performs better than a smartphone but not as well as a laptop. Therefore, it is more or less in the middle as it merges the best features from a laptop and phone together.


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