2TB USB the size of your Finger Nail

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27 Aug, 2011 2:00 am


When I first saw this I thought that this has taken miniaturization to the next level, a 2 Terra byte USB drive that’s a big as your finger nail or slightly thicker than a penny! We’ve all seen this style of USB but usually only as large as 16GB! Actually the one that we looked at on display was only 16GB but the technology behind that particular 16GB stick is capable of scaling to 2 Terra bytes.  Its a shame they couldn’t have the 2TB for us to check out but since it would most likely cost thousands of dollars to pick one up, they didn’t want to just leave on lying around.

If you’re wondering who exactly is ITRI and why have they created an Ultra thin 2TB USB, they are Taiwan’s government sponsored innovation lab whose sole purpose is to help Taiwanese companies innovate, and since Taiwan is the home of hardware, it stands to reason they’d have some cool gadgets laying around. At Display Taiwan we saw a sensor that could turn any TV into touch screen and we also saw some static epaper.  If you’re keen to check out a bunch of their innovation’s we actually went down to their exhibition hall down in Hsinchu, Taiwan to take a look at their paper thin speaker.

ITRI has been working with Transcend to produce this high capacity ultra slim USB and there is no work from either party when we’ll be seeing these devices arrive on our store shelves.

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