Where to Exchange Your Crypto Without KYC?

Updated on June 23, 2023

There are situations when you urgently need to exchange cryptocurrency, you don’t have a confirmed account on the exchange, but you don’t have time or don’t want to wait for verification. In this case, exchanges help out, which so far allow anonymous clients to perform basic transactions. Their list is getting shorter, and the list of restrictions for unverified users, on the contrary, is growing.

And yet, there are still reliable platforms where it’s enough just to create an account and work calmly with the crypt. Restrictions in most cases relate to the possibility of carrying out crypto-fiat operations, but as long as exchangers exist, this is not critical.


KuCoin is one of the largest centralized crypto exchanges that has been operating since 2014. It provides investors with the opportunity to trade more than 370 different cryptocurrencies, and is among the market leaders in terms of the richness of the choice of assets. Account verification is optional, so users can trade cryptocurrency using just their email address. However, there are restrictions for unverified users. Without KYC, you can withdraw no more than 1 BTC per day and exchange USDT to BTC in the amount of up to $ 2,000 per day. Also, you will not be able to deposit and withdraw fiat.

KuCoin provides early access to new projects and is often ahead of other major exchanges in this. That is, you have a chance to buy a new coin before the price spike caused by its listing on other platforms. Passive earning methods are also available on KuCoin, including crypto lending, staking, and hodling rewards for its native KCS token.


If you are only interested in Crypto/Crypto operations, OKX might be a good choice. This exchange allows you to trade cryptocurrency, as well as deposit and withdraw it from your balance without having to go through account verification. However, if you plan to top up your balance with a card or make P2P transactions, you will need to pass KYC verification.

The platform provides several levels of KYC, in addition, it is possible to pass KYC verification, both individual and corporate user.


This platform quickly became popular after the introduction of the copytrading feature. This feature allows you to subscribe to more experienced traders and copy their trading systems. Not the last role in gaining popularity was played by low commissions and the absence of restrictions for unverified users regarding operations with cryptocurrency. This means that you get access to the wallet immediately after creating an account, you can deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies, as well as trade without special limits on limits.

However, as with other exchanges, depositing fiat from a card or making P2P transactions will require passing KYC verification on Bitget. In fact, such a restriction applies to almost all exchanges and is associated with security requirements.


After registering on the Huobi exchange, you will have access to your personal cryptocurrency wallet, as well as the ability to deposit and withdraw funds in any available cryptocurrency. However, there are restrictions for P2P transactions and replenishment of funds using bank cards, and here verification is no longer enough.

Theoretically, this is not necessary for P2P transactions, but in this case it will be much more difficult to find a counterparty. Many users set a limit according to which a transaction can only be executed with verified users, this is done to increase the security of payments.


Pursuant to LetsExchange also happens that the amount of your coins exceeds the maximum allowed for anonymous clients of classic exchanges. In such cases, welcome to our non-custodial quick cryptocurrency exchange service. The services are available without KYS and account registration, and the platform does not provide for any restrictions on either the volume or the number of transactions. More than 2000 coins and tokens are available for exchange, purchase and sale on LetsExchange.

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