6 Simple Puzzle Games That are Tough to Master

Updated on August 31, 2023

Are you a fan of logic puzzles? Have you ever been stumped by one of those seemingly simple yet perplexingly challenging brain teasers? If so, get ready to challenge your mind with our list of six remarkable puzzle games that will test even the most experienced strategists. 

Whether you’re a beginner looking for an introduction to more complex puzzle-solving challenges or a master puzzler seeking out the next tough nut to crack, these games have something for everyone! So sharpen your wits and prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey through some of the best brain teasers on the market.

6 Difficult Puzzle Brain Teasers to Test Your Mind

If you want to enhance your various brain functions without stressing out, you should play puzzle games. Fortunately, we have six different games you can try by downloading them on your smartphone! Check them out below:

Two Dots

If you haven’t heard of Two Dots before, you’re missing out because this puzzle game is about connecting two dots. It might sound easy, but what makes it difficult is that you’re given limited moves. Furthermore, it has different objectives for each level. So you have to ensure that those objectives are met.

Game features:

  • Over 5000 puzzle levels to complete
  • Adorable and aesthetically pleasing layout
  • Numerous game modes to dive into
  • Relaxing gameplay

It says relaxing gameplay, but you’ll still have plenty of challenges to face in Two Dots. Some are even stuck in particular levels because of the incredibly limited moves. Do you think you can stand a chance? Download it to find out!


The iconic game belongs on this list because of how simple it is. But the catch is it’s very difficult to master, especially if you’re unfamiliar with how the game works. Even Bill Gates was said to have been addicted to this puzzle game. Due to its popularity, you can download many free Minesweeper games on your smartphone.

What you need to know about Minesweeper:

  • Click the tiles and avoid triggering the mines
  • Numbered tiles mean the number of mines adjacent to that tile
  • Put a flag on tiles you think has a mine hiding underneath

If you’re ready to try your skills in this game, try playing on a free Minesweeper browser-based platform first. After that, download an app if you decide that it’s your type of game. 


An adorable isometric platformer about a lonely robot, Mekorama gives players the chance to help the tiny robot get through the 50 puzzling mechanical dioramas. It would be best if you controlled the robot by using swipes, taps, and other in-game actions. It’s very challenging but incredibly satisfying to complete each level.


  • 50 adorable levels of puzzling adventures 
  • Cute robots with unique personalities 
  • Construct your own diorama 
  • Share your creations online
  • Level cards to collect

Mekorama is a great game that’s similar to Monument Valley. However, it’s free and offers intuitive gameplay that many puzzle lovers will enjoy. It looks simple, but don’t underestimate this game. It can be hard to master, no matter how many times you try!

Tricky Castle: Trap Adventure

Tricky Castle: Trap Adventure is the perfect choice if you’re searching for something with adventurous elements with unusual puzzle games. It’s a unique platformer where you’ll navigate a treacherous castle. You must avoid traps and complete various puzzles to progress.

It has retro-style graphics and 120 unique levels you must surpass. The character is a brave knight you’ll need to aid as he saves the girl who’s hidden in the scary castle.

Game features to anticipate:

  • Hundreds of doors to pass through
  • Unusual ways of solving a puzzle
  • Witty and funny

This puzzle platformer game is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a fun title with a mix of action adventure and puzzle elements. The tricky levels will keep you on your toes as you journey through an enchanted castle.

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

Are you ready to test your intelligence? Then Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles will be a great match for you. It’s a game where you must use your mind to answer various tests. However, these tests are funny and are mostly brain teasers. But they are all challenging to complete. 

Game features:

  • Hundreds of challenging puzzles 
  • Creative and witty brain teasers 
  • Unique levels that will test your skills 
  • Visual hints available for difficult questions

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles is a game that’s difficult to master but can be very rewarding. You have to use your common sense, but some levels will push you to the limits. If you believe you have the wits and the IQ to surpass these levels, then Brain Test will be up your alley.

100 Doors Puzzle Box

An escape-the-room puzzle game you’ll have to try, 100 Doors Puzzle Box will bring players to a new level of challenging puzzles. It has simple mechanics but requires you to use your wits and common sense to progress through each door.

The doors all look simple, and nothing seems amiss. But you’re locked in and can’t open the door without the hidden objects. Find and interact with these games to escape and move to the next door.


  • Exactly 100 levels to complete 
  • Unique puzzles for each room 
  • Intuitive logic game
  • Point and click genre
  • Interactive objects

Do you want to become a master puzzler? 100 Doors Puzzle Box has everything you need as it provides the right balance between simple, tricky, and innovative. Surely, you won’t regret downloading this game. Get it now for your smartphone, and find yourself playing for hours.

Spend Your Free Time Solving These Simple But Challenging Puzzles

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend your free time, these puzzle games will keep you busy for hours. With the varying difficulty and mechanics, each one of them can be challenging to master. But if you’re up for it, try all of them and see which gives you the most satisfaction! Remember, use your brain and logic to finish them. If not, there’s always something else to try.

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