HTC Considering Google’s Chrome OS

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24 Nov, 2011 7:28 pm

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Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC is allegedly considering introducing their own products with Chrome OS Google’s cloud operating system. HTC reportedly wants to combine the advantages of Chrome and Android to create new “Internet-enabled devices,”. These devices would exist somewhere between tablets and netbooks.

Perhaps HTC is planning a kind of Smartbook, something based on ARM a very cheapp mini-notebook with Chrome OS. They don’t appear to be looking to roll out a Chromebook since it looks like only 25,000-30,000 Chromebooks will ship by the end of 2011. With numbers like these we’re sure that manufacturers aren’t lining up to start producing more.

If the price dropped down to $199 rather then the $350 they are now we might start to see some of these devices start moving off the shelves. As it stands now a Netbook is cheaper and it comes with built in memory and are fully capable of running the Chrome browser.

Via Digitimes

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