Toshiba AC100 Android 2.2 update arrives – better OS experience

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23 Feb, 2011 12:09 pm


Toshiba has finally pushed out an Android 2.2 update for the AC100 smartbook, which was originally promised in late 2010. Chippy at CarryPad tested the update yesterday and confirms version 2.2 brings speed improvements across the board, Flash, better app compatibility and adds the Toshiba Market. The standard YouTube site plays videos now as you’d expect (except without hover support you can’t switch video quality), Flash ads show up on websites and streaming audio from some sites now works. Browser performance increases by 19% according to a few benchmarks.

The battery drain issue on standby still remains though so you can’t really leave this in standby mode (instant on) unless you want the battery flat in under a day. Chippy notes a price drop (for the WiFi model I assume) to 200 euros. I’ve also noted similar pricing here in Japan ( at 24,800 yen, which would work out to be around $200. When I reviewed the AC100 last year I couldn’t recommend it until at least the version 2.2 update arrived. Now that it’s here, along with that price drop, there’s some re-evaluation that needs to be done.

Source: CarryPad

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