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ASUS Padfone Docking Station Review After 6 Weeks – Is it Worth Buying?

Well it’s been 6 weeks since we picked up the Padfone… and we thought that we would give you our impressions of the docking station.  We have already done a 4 week review of just

ASUS Padfone Extended Review – 4 Weeks of Use [Video]

I picked up the ASUS Padfone… at the beginning of June and I’ve finally gotten around to shooting and posting my 4 weeks review (thanks for the reminders that I owed you this video! :).  

ASUS Padfone 24 Inch Docking Monitor (Computex 2012)

ASUS gives us All-In-One with a twist. If things go ASUS’s way, all we’ll need in the future is a Padfone…, which can become anything we want: tablet, netbook, docking monitor. The 24  inch

ASUS Padfone & Transformer TF700 Get Australian Launch Date

The Padfone… has hit the streets with limited availability, ASUS released a launch schedule which it technically kept by launching in Taiwan.  Now the rest of the world is wondering when they’ll be able to

How to Add Padonly Apps to the Padfone

Wondering how to take advantage of the custom Padonly Tab that ASUS has added to the Padfone…? Weve got a video showing you how to add and remove applications from that section.  You’ll need

ASUS Padfone Review – Smartphone, Station & Dock

The ASUS Padfone… is more than just a phone, it can transform into a 10 inch tablet that can then turn into a Netbook by attaching a keyboard to it. This product line up is

News Round Up: Padfone, Proof of a Quad Core Samsung Tablet & New Ultrabooks

This week in mobile computing news we’ve got a few interesting stories, earlier in the week we benchmarked the Padfone, and we uncovered proof of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 quad core tablet.  In…

ASUS Padfone 8MP Camera Review & Walk Through

The ASUS Padfone… is a 4.3 inch smartphone with tablet intentions, this hybrid device slides and powers a 10.1 inch tablet. The Padfone sports a qHD (960 x 540 pixels) 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display that

ASUS Padfone Detailed Handset Walk Through

The ASUS Padfone… is a gorgeous smartphone, at 4.3 inches it packs a powerful 1.5Ghz dual core Snapdragon S4 CPU with an Adreno 225 GPU. The Padfone is sleek and well-built and feels very satisfying,

ASUS Padfone Benchmarks – Snapdragon S4 8260A Dual Core CPU

The ASUS Padfone… is sporting an impressive Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 8260A Dual-Core CPU running at 1.5 GHz along side an Adreno 225 GPU.  We ran this 4.3 inch device through the bechmarking paces and there

ASUS Padfone Frontline Commando Gaming Test on Smartphone & Tablet

Frontline Commando is a console style first person shooter that has moved fluidly over on to small form factor mobile devices seamlessly. Graphically, Frontline Commando is visually dynamic and offers impressive character models and environments…

ASUS Padfone, Ultrabooks Galore, Flipboard & CTIA – News Round Up

Curious what happened this week in tech? We’ve got a news round up for you that’s focused on Moblie computing news, we go touch on the ASUS Padfone which we got some extensive hands on…

PadFone Dock is Interchangable with the Original Transformer Dock [Video]

The ASUS Padfone… is a smartphone with Netbook aspirations as it comes with a 10.1 inch tablet (Padfone Station) and a keyboard dock. If you happen to have an original Transformer dock laying around (or

ASUS PadFone Detailed Walk Through of Handset, Tablet & Dock

The ASUS Padfone… is the latest hybrid device from ASUS, it is a nice addition to the Tranformer line up because it is a smartphone with a tablet docking station with the option to add

ASUS Padfone VS ASUS Transformer Prime Vs Transformer TF101

The ASUS Padfone… is a unique product in the ASUS line up of hybrids,it differs from the Transformer line up in a few important ways, first off it’s a phone as well as a tablet