Best U.S Website To Buy Laptop Online In 2023

Updated on January 14, 2023

Thinking of getting a new laptop but find the thought of going to a store tiring? Are you also struggling to decide on which website is good to buy a laptop in the USA?

Well, you are in the right place as below, we take a look at which website is good to buy a laptop in the USA apart from Amazon and Newegg.

website to buy laptop

In A Hurry? Here’s The Winner From Hours Of Research

In a hurry to find out which website is good to buy a laptop in the USA apart from Amazon and Newegg? The Micro Center comes out as our top pick and these are the reasons why:

Editor’s Choice


Micro Center

Why is it better?

  • Specialist tech store
  • Dedicated support team
  • Both used and new laptops
  • Great deals

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Best U.S Website To Buy Laptop Online 2023

1. Tech Bargains – Best for Bargain Deals


The beauty of the Tech Bargains site stems from the ease of comparison prices of laptops across various sites.

  • Best Deals for Laptops and Electronics
  • Extensive computing section
  • Aggregates the best prices on one platform
  • Not the final sale website
  • No online support team

Key features & details

The Tech Bargains website scours the internet for hot tech deals. These deals are then showcased on one platform. Customers are then able to browse through the different price offerings and focus on which one suits them.

Primary function of the website is not to complete a sale. Instead, laptop buyers are redirected to the pages that sell the items. Therefore, the site does not have any obligation to the customer.

Unlike the other websites with laptops for sale, Tech Bargains offers no easy means by which customers can get across. There are no phone numbers or a live chat team to respond immediately. You will have to make do with an email.

2. Overstock – Best for Warranty Protection


In terms of search parameters to narrow down laptop preferences, Overstock has no close competition.

  • Availability of both new and refurbished items
  • Different ways to contact support
  • Long return period
  • Varied product selection
  • new laptop models may not be in stock
  • Popular laptop models have limited stock
  • Minimum order amount to qualify for free shipping

Key features & details

Technology and laptops may not be the primary focus of the online retailer, but it still has a host of laptop options. The primary reason why Overstock is a good website to browse for laptop purchases is due to the extensive search parameters. Just tick the options you want in a laptop to reduce the number of pages you have to browse through.

Overstock offers both used and new laptops on its website. Due to this, you can get a good price for a decent laptop. Like the name implies, the company has a stock of laptop models that may have very well gone out of stock on other websites.

Unlike most of the other websites, Overstock gives you the chance to return items after a month. However, this is subject to certain terms and conditions. For example, you are only charged restocking fees if you return items damaged.

3. Walmart – Best for Tech Value Deals


Need the best deal on the laptop brand you love so much? Walmart happens to be one of the best places to search for good prices.

  • Trusted seller
  • Brand name laptops
  • Tech value bundle deals
  • Instore buying guide
  • Limited selection

Key features & details

Walmart has a newsletter where you get alerts of the frequent clearance sales. If you are lucky, you may find the laptop you want on that list. These clearance sales make it possible for buyers to get good deals on laptops.

Another plus for the online shopping website is the inclusion of a buying guide. The presence of a buying guide helps laptop buyers inform themselves on the options available to them.

There is also the option of product care plans for each piece of tech purchased.

For the laptops from top manufacturers such as Lenovo, HP, and Apple, you can easily come across them on the website. After buying your preferred laptop, there are other relevant accessories that can be purchased from the site.

4. Micro Center – Best Full Service Tech Store


Micro Center specializes in the sale of technology products. Therefore, they have a good collection of laptops.

  • Sale of refurbished and new laptops
  • High selection from big name brands
  • Reduced prices
  • Regular discounts
  • Short return period

Key features & details

Micro Center offers the option of buying new laptops or getting a refurbished one. Also, regardless of the product choice, there are different plans available on the website. An example is the assurance protection plan which offers up to two years warranty for products purchased from the site.

On the Micro Center website, the first thing you see on the homepage are products which have discounts on them. Some products have certain percentages off and when compared to sites like Amazon, the pricing is highly competitive.

Unlike other websites which are clustered with several consumer products, Micro Center focuses only on tech gadgets. 

The website is quite simple in layout and easy to navigate. With the different products on sale, buyers can easily select two products to compare against each other.

5. Best Buy – Best for InStore Pickup


If you need a shopping website that rivals Newegg in terms of varied search options, Best Buy is the best alternative.

  • Navigable search function
  • Diverse laptop brands
  • Frequent sales and great discounts
  • Pickup from store option
  • No restocking fee charged on returns
  • Short return period
  • Over the phone customer service needs improvement

Key features & details

The good thing about shopping from Best Buy is that you can order your laptop online and pickup from a store close to you. With the available options, it becomes easier to browse through their offerings online and walk to their store to gain more insight on the laptops while getting it the same day.

If you order a laptop on the website, returns can be made up until 14 days of purchase and this will be at no added cost. However, if the laptop needs activation, then you will be charged a percentage of the purchase price.

For help making a purchase or an enquiry, the site has various means to contact care agents. From email, live chat to phone calls. However, if you have a really pressing query, the live chat agents might not be the best option especially when it comes to technical information.

6. HP – Best for Innovative Products


For your PC customization needs, the HP store has the best product offerings.

  • Guaranteed refund or replacement for product failures
  • Dedicated online tech support
  • Innovative laptops
  • Regular discounts and deals
  • Restocking fees
  • Short return time frame

Key features & details

One of the best things about buying your laptop from the site of the manufacturer is that you can make customization requests. Things such as storage size, RAM size etc can be decided upon all from the comfort of shopping from home.

Unlike most websites that have customer care to handle basically every category, HP offers dedicated technical support for your laptop queries. The tech support can also be spoken to if you need particular adjustments to a laptop.

With sites such as Amazon and Best Buy offering price slashes and discounts on products, HP promises to match such prices. A comparison of these sites shows that the prices on each website do not differ by a great margin.

7. Apple – Best Option for Apple Laptops


What better place exists to purchase Apple products than from the manufacturer itself? The Apple store is the only place where you can buy the latest models of Macbooks.

  • Delivery and instore pickup
  • Easily navigable site
  • Stock of recent Macs
  • No discount
  • High prices

Key features & details

The downside to going to the Apple website for your laptop needs is that the only options you are presented with are Apple products. So, unless you are set on sticking to the Apple ecosystem, you are better off browsing through sites with varied offerings.

If you want reduced pricing on Apple laptops, you are better off using Best Buy and Tech Bargains to hunt for a deal. The Apple store does not offer great discounts like these sites. At the same time, another thing you should not expect is holiday sales.

Picking The Best Website To Buy Laptop Online 2023

Delivery Options

Amazon has set a high bar for fast delivery. Therefore, the other retailers need to match up to them with different shipping options.

Some retailers are able to guarantee same day delivery while others need as much as 5 days. Anything over 5 days disqualifies them from the list.

Shipping Insurance

Laptops are very fragile and at the same time costly. We had to make sure the sites offered some form of insurance purchase during the checkout stage.

Shipping Options

Different retailers offer different shipping plans. With these unique plans comes different couriers. Unlike Amazon which has Prime delivery service, some of the retailers made use of alternatives in the form of DHL, FedEx, UPS etc.

Return Policy

It can happen that you end up being unsatisfied with your laptop purchase. Therefore, looking at the return policy made us understand the type of concessions granted to customers in the case of default products or unsatisfactory laptops.

Customer Service

The phrase the customer is king is often pandered around service industries. Therefore, we had to examine how easy it is for customers to reach out for support or get answers to enquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose a Good Laptop?

Choosing a good laptop boils down to your intended use of it. Are you a gamer, a movie watcher or someone who performs high processing tasks? These things factor into your buying decision. From your intended use, you can then focus on specs such as display size, RAM, battery life etc.

Are Used and Refurbished Laptops the Same Thing?

The answer is no! Used laptops differ from the refurbished laptops. Used laptops were once bought new but are sold after a certain period in the same form. Refurbished on the other hand are used laptops which have undergone modifications to bring it to a better state.

When Is The Best Time to Get a Discount for a Laptop?

Some websites offer deals and discounts on a regular basis. However, there are some websites that wait till a particular time of the year or holiday before rewarding customers with discounts. These periods are often around April, May and September


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