What to Do with Old Laptop & Top 10 Ideas To Get Most Out of It in 2019

Laptops decrease in value as they age, just like vehicles or any other products that are made to last for long. With that being said, you might not get as much money by selling it as you’ve expected.

The question of what to do with the old laptop still remains, right? Well, there’s is still hope and we definitely think there are a lot more useful ideas than selling.

With the 10 tips, you’ll find in this post, you’ll never think of selling your old laptop again since we’re sure that there will be at least a few suitable ideas for everyone.

Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Old Laptop

Old laptops might decrease in value, but they are proven to still be very valuable if you know how to get the most out of them instead of putting it in a drawer.

Keeping old laptop as a back up is another great option, but we’re talking about much better options that will be a great solution and you’ll never ask yourself what to do with your old laptop again.

Instead of cashing your old laptop out and not getting even half what you paid for it, with a little bit of effort, you can make the most out of it and maybe even make it your primary laptop.

Laptops lose on value because newer models are released every year, however, some of the models still hold high potential value since they can be turned around and even upgraded to match the needs of today’s specifications.

Not only you won’t get as much money you’re looking to get by selling your old laptop if you sell it to pawn shop or a third party – you might not get a good price at all, no matter how old is the laptop.

What to Do With Your Old Mac or Windows Laptop Instead?

No matter which laptop do you have, a Microsoft Windows or Apple MacBook, you still can do a lot with it. For instance, MacBook laptops tend to hold their value a bit better than Windows computers, and some of the older models are considered to be an “old-school” build.

It’s a build where you can simply unscrew the back cover and have access to all components. Even better yet, most of the components are replaceable and even upgradeable.

The same thing applies to Windows laptops too. But if you aren’t up for rebuilds or upgrades, there are many more ways you haven’t even thought of, so let’s get to them!

10 Tips For Anyone With Old Laptop Can Benefit From

We’ve looked into many different options and did a lot of brainstorming sessions to come up with the best 10 tips to present to you. Some of the tips make more sense than the others, and you’ve probably had some of them in your mind, but one thing is for sure – you will be surprised with some of the tips.

1. Install Linux

If you aren’t familiar with Linux, it’s just another operating system that’s based on open-source code, so there are many different versions (we recommend going for some of the most popular ones).

linuxSource: GeeksforGeeks

It’s a great option for old laptops because it can overwrite your current OS and yet provide a faster booting, better virus resistance, and even Windows-like environment.

Performance-wise, it’s capable to handle almost anything, just like Windows or any other operating system, with many improvements, of course.

2. Use it as a Secondary Monitor

Your old laptop might be slowed down with the latest OS updates, but what many people don’t think of is that the screen is still as good as it was the first day.

And if your old laptop is using Windows operating system, you’ll have a very easy way to turn your old laptop into a secondary monitor for your PC or primary laptop.

We’ve written a post that explains everything in details, so we recommend checking it out since it might be a suitable option for many of you out there.

3. Create an Ultimate Privacy Device

If for any reason privacy is a high concern of yours and you don’t trust standard browsers, public software, or even internet provides, you can always use your old laptop for secured privacy.

With the help of privacy software, you get the chance to turn it into a full privacy laptop that will have you protected during browsing the internet. We understand that everyone is concerned about privacy nowadays, and that’s why this just might be a perfect option for you.

The Amnesic Incognito Live System (known as TAILS) is a great software based on one of the Linux’ software called Debian. While it can protect your privacy, it’s also not gonna go hard on your old laptop.

4. Turn it Into a Webcam

Just like the screen, your old laptop probably has a webcam. Depending on the quality (if it’s anything better than VGA), you can use it as a webcam and set it anywhere you’d like.

..a perfect way to use your old laptop to keep an eye on your dog or cat, monitor kids, your driveway, or just anything …

With software such as iSpy, you get to turn your webcam into video surveillance and cut costs on purchasing a CCTV.

It’s a perfect way to use your old laptop to keep an eye on your dog or cat, monitor kids, your driveway, or just anything that comes up to your mind.
5. Use it for Its Hard Drive

In case your old laptop features a very large hard drive that you could benefit from (and save yourself some money by avoiding the purchase of a new HDD), you can use your old laptop to create network-attached storage (NAS).

It’s a network where you will be able to access, add or remove files directly from any device or computer connected to your network. Therefore, your old laptop will be considered as a storage unit that will just need to be constantly running.

You can think of it as cloud storage, where in this case the storage is physical.

6. Turn it Into Portable Chromebook

Chromebook laptops are Google laptops that come with limited processing power, yet an operating system that is very light and doesn’t require a lot of processing power.

Installing such an operating system in your old laptop will revive it and bring more life to your web browsing and light software use.

The idea is very similar to installing Linux as OS, just in this case, the Chrome OS is powered by Google and is perfect for someone who cares only about the web browsing and staying connected with Google Apps.

7. Use it as a Hotspot

We’ve all felt the pain of slow WiFi connection at least once in our life, and what’s even worse is when it happens in your own home.

..you can turn your old laptop into a hotspot and expand the reach of your home network at no cost…

Without spending extra money to purchase suitable adapters to expand your home internet network, you can turn your old laptop into a hotspot and expand the reach of your home network at no cost.

Windows OS already has integrated feature, while there is also a software called Connectify which is made for firing up a hotspot.

8. Make a Digital Frame

If you really don’t see any purpose of your old laptop, how about making use of its screen by creating a digital frame?

You can get a great frame size and a pretty good quality, and if you’re up for some DIY action – you can get it sorted out very simply by following some of the tutorials available on the internet.

9. Use it to Help Science

This tip is for everyone who cares about making the Earth green and contributing to the cause. If you think your old laptop has given its last breath a long time ago, you better think twice.

[email protected] is a scientific experiment which involves computers all around the world connected to their network. It uses the power of the laptop’s processor to help any analyze radio telescope data.


Source: Laptop Mag

Might not be the most useful tip you were looking for, but you still have a way to use your old laptop to help.

10. Recycling or Upgrading

If your laptop is very old and is struggling to run even some of the lightest operating systems – upgrading it has always been a possibility.

What’s great about old laptops is their build style which allows users to access the components, make changes, repairs, and even replace or upgrade everything all together.

However, if your laptop has really given its last breath a long time ago – recycling is a great way to go green and have someone take care of your laptop since the laptop has been taking care of you for so long.
Whatever your needs are, you don’t need to throw away or sell your old laptop straight away. With tips like these, you still have plenty of versatility and the choice is all yours.

Whether you’re going to make use of it by

  • Installing lighter OS
  • Turning it into a useful gadget such as a hotspot
  • Or use its large storage

Anything’s better than just having the old laptop sitting in your drawer.

If you’re looking for a new laptop yet don’t know where to start, our article offers high value so we recommend you read it!

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