How to Find Out What Type of Laptop Battery to Get

Updated on June 1, 2020
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Once laptops start getting a few years old, the first thing to go is always the battery. Each laptops battery is different, with different charge sizes, and power ratings. So here’s how to find out what battery your laptop needs.

Batteries come in all different shapes, sizes, and form factors. Some are removable, some can be easily removed by just taking off the back panel of your laptop. While some are actually glued to the chassis of your laptop. 

Among these batteries, each of them come with different power ratings as well. This means different current and voltage ratings. There are a couple of different methods for finding out what exact battery your laptop needs. 

How To Find Out What Type Of Laptop Battery To Get [Easy Step]

  • Search your battery model number
  • Search by your laptop make and model
  • Examine the power ratings on your physical laptop battery. 
  • Download a third-party software
  • Look it up on the manufacturer’s website

These methods described above should be able to help you identify the exact specifications for your laptop battery. Remember to always double check, because if you put in the wrong battery within your laptop, it could actually damage the internal components.

Step by Step To Find Out What Type Of Laptop Battery To Get

Look It Up On The Manufacturer’s Website

Most laptop manufacturers will provide details on their website on what batteries you should use for your laptop. Just head to your laptop brands website, and search for your particular model.

Once there you should be able to find a section, that will give you all the information that you need to purchase a replacement battery. You might even be able to purchase a replacement directly from them. 

If you can’t find it, then try contacting customer support. They should be able to help you out, and might even direct you to a service center nearby from where you can get the battery replaced. 

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Search Your Battery Model Number

If your laptop battery is removable, or easily accessible after removing the back panel of your laptop, this method should work for you. Once you remove your laptops’ battery from its mounting.

Examine the stickers on the battery. Usually the model number will be in bold letters, and a bigger font than other text on the sticker. Pictured in the image below, you can see the model number in this case “AS07A71” is much more prominent than other text on the sticker. 

After you find the model number for your battery. Just google the model number, followed by battery. You should be able to find multiple links to purchase a battery of this type online. 

Double check everything on the product page as well, and ensure the site your purchasing from has good reviews.

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Search by Your Laptop Make and Model

..the next best thing to do is Google your particular laptop brand and model followed by the word battery…

If you can’t find the model number of your battery, then the next best thing to do is Google your particular laptop brand and model followed by the word battery. Chances are you’ll find a reddit post, or an article that describes the exact battery your laptop needs.

You might even find a direct link to purchase your particular laptops battery from an online retailer. Now you have to be careful with this method though.

Even though you might find a laptop battery that is meant for your exact laptop model. Sometimes different variants of your laptop exist for different markets around the world.

These can have different power ratings depending on the nature of the electricity supply in that region. 

So even if the battery might look exactly like the one in your laptop. Its best to follow through with the next method on this list, before making a purchase this way. 

Source : Quick Laptop Cash

Examine The Power Ratings On Your Laptop Battery

We would recommend you carry out this method, regardless of whether or not any of the other methods already worked for you. This method involves having to examine the current, voltage, and watt hour ratings on your physical laptop battery.

If you are able to remove your battery from the laptop, then do so. Otherwise from what section of the battery is visible try to examine the text on it.


As pictured in the image below, you should be able to find an input rating for your battery, that describes the current, milliamp hours/ watt hour, as well as the voltage ratings. 

So whenever your purchase a replacement battery, your going to want to cross check this information, with the battery specifications listed on the website.

If you can’t somehow seem to find these ratings on your physical laptop battery. You can also check the battery adapter to get an idea of what power this laptop battery accepts as showcased in the image below. However we would not recommend this as the only method you use. 


Download A Third-Party Software

..One way to go is to download a third party software that can give you detailed information about your battery…

If your battery is simply not labelled with any useful information whatsoever, and you can’t find anything on your laptop manufacturers website either. One way to go is to download a third party software that can give you detailed information about your battery.

One of these software is BatteryCare. To download it just click on this link here. BatteryCare should be able to provide you with the power ratings of your laptop’s battery. So you can at least begin narrowing down your options.


Purchasing An Authentic Battery

..Always go for the authentic manufacturer branded laptop batteries…

We can’t stress the importance of this enough. When looking to buy a replacement battery. Always go for the authentic manufacturer branded laptop batteries.

There are so many cheap knock off batteries that you might find online for your laptop, for less than a tener. Despite the enticing price avoid these batteries at all cost.

There’s no knowing how reliable these actually are. They might blow up one day, or end up frying the internals of your laptop. Trust me I speak from experience. So be sure to always buy an authentic battery, even if it ends up costing you a lot more.

It’s better to shell out a few more bucks now, then having to spend a thousand dollars for a replacement laptop down the road. 

How To Install A Brand New Battery

Now comes to the part of actually removing your old battery, and installing a new one. This can be a 30 second procedure if your laptop has a removable battery. Or it could take upwards of 3 hours if your battery is literally glued to the chassis like it is in macbooks.

Now if you do have a removable battery, the procedure is pretty simple.

1. Turn off your laptop, and disconnect the power adapter.

2. Release the locks on the underside of the laptop that hold your battery in replace.

Image credits: TOSHIBA

3. Now slide your old battery out.

Image credits: TOSHIBA

4. Take your replacement battery, and slide it into the compartment until you hear an audible click.

If your laptop has a battery that is easily accessible, and removable after your remove the bottom panel. Then you can replace this battery at home pretty easily too.

  1. Turn off your laptop, and disconnect the power adapter.
  2. Remove the bottom panel of your laptop
  3. Remove the battery cable, connecting the battery to the laptop.
  4. Remove any screws keeping the battery in place.
  5. If your battery in enclosed in a shield/container, remove it from the old battery.
  6. Fit this shield/container around your new replacement battery.
  7. Screw in all the screws, and reattach the battery cable, make sure the connection isn’t lose.

Now if you happen to own a modern day MacBook, or a thin and light windows laptop that has its battery essentially glued to the chassis. Then we wouldn’t recommend attempting to replace the battery by yourself, even if you are experienced in laptop repair.

It would be much better, if you sent the laptop in for a battery replacement. If you own a MacBook, then simply take it to the nearest Apple Store.

They’ll replace your battery for a decent-ish price, and won’t actually end up damaging the internals like you might have if you attempted this repair.


So which method did you use to find out what battery your laptop is running ? Be sure to tell us by leaving a comment down below. And if we forgot to add something to this article that you feel is important, be sure to leave that down below to!

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