7 Essential Tips For Travelling With Your Laptop

Laptops have now become an essential part of our daily lives. We use them to conduct business, watch movies, browse social media and everything in between.

So when your travelling, you’re probably going to want to bring your laptop with you. Here are some 7 essential tips that we put together to make the experience of travelling with your laptop a lot easier and less worrisome.

But before we head on into the details, be sure to read our other piece about the best laptops for travelling, if you are looking to buy one specifically to cater to your travelling needs. 

Pack Your Laptop In A Padded Case/Bag

…So comfort alongside, some decent protection should be your two main priorities for a backpack..

If you don’t already own a sturdy backpack or case for your laptop. Then now might be the right time to invest in one. Your probably going to be carrying around this backpack for prolonged periods of time. So comfort alongside, some decent protection should be your two main priorities for a backpack.

Try and find a backpack that has a dedicated laptop compartment that can fit your laptops size. A lot of people end up buying 15-inch laptop bags, for their 17-inch laptops. So be sure to check if your laptop fits, and that no area of the laptop is being put under heavy strain. 

A laptop with a lot of extra compartments and zippers would be an added side benefit as well. You could pack items all the way from your phone chargers,  power banks, to your passport. Clearing up more luggage space for you in your main suitcase.

Landis from LSEO often “travel to meet with clients all over the world. It is imperative that we keep our laptops in a protective case because we have all of our clients work saved on our computers.”

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Keep a backup of all your essential files.

Let’s say in a worst case scenario, your laptop does get stolen, or ends up breaking on the trip. Then your going to want to make sure you’ve backed up all your essential files before the trip. 

…Remember a laptop can always be replaced, but your data can’t be..

You could get a portable storage solution such as a USB thumb drive, or even a portable harddrive/ssd. You could also back it up on cloud storage such as Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive. Remember a laptop can always be replaced, but your data can’t be.

Purchase a universal adapter. 

Chances are that if your travelling abroad. Then the power sockets aren’t going to be the same ones, as from where your from. So get a decent universal adapter from a reputable brand. An added bonus would be if it has some sort of surge protection capabilities as well. 

Speaking of surge protection, a power surge protector would be another great investment. Some countries in Asia have electricity that can constantly fluctuate. And if you don’t have a surge protector, you risk frying your entire laptop. So off all the tips on the list, we would recommend these two the most. 

You can find a lot of cheap, and reliable universal adapters, and surge protectors on Amazon. Each item should not run you more than $10 to $15 at best. And their a one time investment that can save you from  potentially incurring thousands of dollars of damage.

Make sure everything is password protected

If you don’t already have a password set on your machine, then now might be a good time to set one. It is not that uncommon for valuables such as laptops to get stolen in airports. And even if they aren’t stolen the airlines can sometimes lose your luggage as well. 

So encrypt everything on your machine, starting from setting a password on your account. Don’t make it something easy to guess either like “12345”. The more difficult your password is, the harder it is for someone to hack it, and gain access to your files. 

So your going to want to have a password that’s a combination between uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

Remove all highly sensitive data from your laptop

If let’s say someone were to steal your laptop, and gain access to your sensitive data such as back account passwords, and credit card information. It would be better if you didn’t have that information stored on your laptop in the first place, at least until your travelling. 

… as long as your travelling remove such sensitive information from your laptop, and keep it backed up someplace else ..

Believe it or not, for some people it isn’t that hard to gain access to the data on your machine. They could simply take out the harddrive/ssd of your machine, and access the data directly from it. So as long as your travelling remove such sensitive information from your laptop, and keep it backed up someplace else.

Keep it near you at all times

This tip is something most people seem to forget, despite how obvious it is, but keep your valuables close to you at all times. Sometimes you can get distracted at the airport, or the hotel when your in that “vacation” mindset. So forgetting your laptop down at the hotel bar is more of a common occurrence than you think.

Whenever your travelling, keep all your valuables close to you, and never let them out of your sight. Maybe invest in a tracker such as a Tile. A tile is a small thin square shaped object that can discreetly fit into any inconspicuous pocket or compartment. It allows you to track the location of it using an app on your smartphone. 

So even if you did manage to lose your laptop, as long as you keep a small tracker within your laptop bag. You’ll instantly be able to track it from anywhere in the world.

Purchase travel insurance

Our last tip isn’t that one we would recommend to everyone, because it can get quite expensive. But if you simply can’t handle the thought of losing your expensive $5000 Macbook pro on a trip. Then travel insurance might be the right option for you. 

There are probably multiple companies that can offer you travel insurance for all your belongings when travelling. So if you happen to lose anything, they will reimburse you for the item. While this option isn’t necessary, it can be the peace of mind that someone might just need when travelling with their laptop.


Travelling with you laptop can be a little scary, especially if you saved up for a long time to get your dream laptop. So long as you follow the steps we mentioned, and are extra careful. Then you shouldn’t have any problems.

If you have any tips that you discovered when travelling with your laptop abroad that we forgot to mention, be sure to leave it in a comment down below!

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