How To Set An Alarm on Windows – 7 Tips To Be More Productive With Your Laptop

Hassaan Ahmed Updated on May 6, 2020
set alarm on windows

If you want to set an alarm on your Windows laptop, you’d be surprised to know it can actually be done from Windows itself, without any third party application. Here’s how. 

In addition to telling you how to set an alarm. We’re going to give you 7 useful tips on how to be more productive with your laptop. 

It might not seem like it, but adjusting a few things on your laptop, and around your working environment can help you be way more productive then you can ever imagine.

The main thing were going to be focusing on in these tips is removing distractions, and setting up the ideal working environment. This includes

All these things are going to help you to be more productive with your day to day activities that you conduct on your laptop. So if you adhere to all of them, you’ll find yourself doing your work not only better, and faster, but with less physical and mental fatigue then before.

How To Set An Alarm on Window

Taking short 5 minute breaks every hour can be extremely helpful. Just try it for one day, and trust us, you’ll feel way more energetic at the end of your work day.

You can schedule alarms to go off every hour on Windows itself. You won’t even need to look at your smartphone, and risk becoming distracted by all your notifications. 

How To Set An Alarm In Windows 10

1. Type “Alarm” into the Windows search box

2. Click on Alarms & Clock

3. A new window will popup that will give you options for an alarm clock, timer and stopwatch all baked into Windows natively. Click on Alarm

4. In the lower right hand corner of the window will be a + symbol, click it

5. Using this Windows you can set up a new alarm. You can alter settings such as having it repeat on a particular day, the alarm sound as well as a snooze time.

Using this you can setup multiple alarms throughout the hours of your work period, so that you can remember to take a break every hour for 5 minutes. However do keep in mind that whatever alarm you set will only go off if the PC is actually awake.

If your afraid your laptop will turn off due to inactivity, and you’ll miss your alarm, be sure to read this article on how to stop your laptop from hibernating or sleeping due to inactivity.

Insert article about how to stop laptop from hibernating/sleeping, was not published at the time of writing this article

However if you want hourly reminders on your laptop, and don’t feel like setting each of them manually. There are third party applications out their that can help you out. 

Get Hourly Reminder

Get Hourly Reminder is one such application that can help you out. It can help you set up hourly reminders for things like checking your mail, or in this case taking breaks.

Its an easy to use application that’s available from the Microsoft Store. Head to the link here to download it. 

Declutter Your Laptop

Now comes the part that the hoarders among you might not find so exciting. Decluttering your laptop is an important part of being more productive on your laptop.

Once you remove all the unnecessary junk from your laptop. You’ll be less likely to get distracted, and more pumped to work. Think of it as having a messy room, when it’s messy your less likely to be motivated to work then if it was properly organized and clean.

The same is the case with unnecessary applications on your laptop. We’re not telling you to go ahead and remove all your favourite games, and pictures. Just the stuff you almost never use.

Like that photo editing app you once downloaded and never used again, or keeping those old seasons in your laptop that you always tell yourself you’ll rewatch but never do.

Once you remove junk like this, you’ll likely notice a performance improvement with your laptop as well, as there will be less applications taking up system resources. 

Clean Your Desktop

If you’re the sort of person that keeps all your folders and applications on your desktop. Then let us be the first to tell you to stop that immediately.

Once you clutter your desktop with so many items, it’s going to be hard to find the exact applications or file your looking for. Start creating folders, and organizing them by category.

You can put your work applications in one folder, social media in another and so on. Doing this will also make your laptop boot up faster. Because when there’s fewer items on the desktop at startup, thats less work that the laptop has to do on a cold boot.

Have a Motivational Background Wallpaper

This might sound unbearably corney, but the truth is that it actually works. If you keep a set of motivational background wallpapers as your goto backgrounds. Then your going to see them you go to your desktop.

Like this your going to be filled with at least some form of encouragement or motivation whenever you even glance at it. Just give it a try, and you’ll probably end up being surprised. 

You can get great wallpapers like this by just doing a simple google search. And you can download a set of them, and have Windows cycle through them regularly so no one picture becomes stale

To have your wallpapers cycle follow these instructions.

1. Right click your desktop wallpaper.

2. Click on “Personalize” 

3. Click on Background, and select “slideshow

4. Click on browse, and select the folder where you keep your background images

5. Customize how often you want the background image to change, and how often.

Delete unnecessary bookmarks

How often has it happened to you that you visited a website that you found useful and bookmarked it, thinking that you would use it again, but never did. 

We’ve all been a victim to this, so that’s why you should start by getting rid of them. If your in a hurry and trying to find a specific bookmark. Then having to go through dozens of useless ones about photo enhancers, and coupon websites can be a drag.

Go through all your web browser bookmarks, and only keep the ones that you need. This way your less likely to get distracted when working online.

Or you can go one step better, and download a browser exclusively for work use. I myself use Firefox for my daily needs, and Chrome when I’m working online.

This helps create a productivity focused mental state for me. Now whenever I see chrome I associate it with work, rather than social media use or YouTube binge watching like I do with Firefox.

Avoid Working On Your Bed/Sofa

This one is more important than you think. Whenever possible try and avoid working on your bed/sofa at all costs. You can’t properly work in a place that your brain normally associates with rest/sleep. 

Your brain will automatically begin to make you feel tired when you lay down on your bed or sofa and try to work. That is why try to keep the place where you work, and your resting places seperate. Again it’s one of those things that you wouldn’t think makes any difference, but trust us on this. 

Also try to work on a desk if possible, and with a comfortable chair. If your going to be sitting for most of your time working. It’s worth it in the interest of your health to invest in a good chair with lumbar support. 

Also try to keep the area well lit, you can get a headache if you work in too dark of the environment. Though don’t let it get to bnright, cause then you might get glare on your laptop screen.

Connect a mouse and/or an external monitor

If you don’t move around a lot when working with your laptop, then maybe consider purchasing a set of peripherals and an external monitor to create a workstation setup.

You’ll be able to work more comfortably and efficiently if you have more of a desktop pc experience, plus if you purchase an external display you can setup a dual screen monitor layout.

Those who work with applications that take advantage of this know this can greatly increase your productivity as you won’t be constantly going back and forth between applications or browser tabs.


If you follow even a few of the tips and tricks that we mentioned, then you’ll immediately be able to see a drastic increase in productivity. Tell us which tips helped you out the most by leaving a comment down below.

If we missed any tips be sure to leave those down below as well. 

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