Moving to Brooklyn: Things You Should Know

Updated on October 23, 2023
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Brooklyn is one of the most popular boroughs of New York, filled with impressive landmarks, various historic brownstone houses, and incredible outdoor space. It attracts people with its vibrant neighborhoods, easy access to public transportation, and proximity to Manhattan. So it’s no surprise that the number of people deciding to move to Brooklyn grows day by day.

However, no matter how exciting and thrilling living in Brooklyn can be, there is no denying that moving to a new place can be a really nerve-wracking experience. It’s a huge challenge when done alone, but with the assistance of professional movers Brooklyn offers, the process can become much easier and more convenient. 

So, sniffing out the perfect moving company to efficiently get your belongings from one place to another can make all the difference.

How to Pick The Best Moving Company in Brooklyn

Who says that finding experienced and quality movers in your area is a difficult task? In reality, it’s as simple as taking a walk in the park, but only if you know exactly how and where to look for them. 

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Thus, to ease your task and save you tons of time, we have highlighted the main tips that will help you choose the perfect company for your needs and make your move to Brooklyn go smoothly. Let’s have a look!

#1 Regulations and Licenses

The regulatory aspect is the first thing that requires your attention when choosing a reliable moving company. Does the company have a credible USDOT (Department of Transportation) number? Or does it follow all regulatory requirements? 

Moreover, any company in the country specializing in out-of-state moves should register with the FMCSA, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Also, for your protection, make sure that the moving firm you choose is properly insured and licensed, in addition to all mentioned certifications. 

You can easily find complete information on the company’s certification and license either online or on the official website of the mover itself.

#2 Service Area Coverage

The next crucial factor that will help you determine a suitable type of moving company is the scope of your move. If you plan to move within the greater Brooklyn area, then a local company should fit perfectly. 

However, if you want to cross the country or traverse the state, it will be much better to pick a company that handles long-distance or cross-country moves.

#3 Reputation and Experience 

When making a final choice, look for companies with a proven track record and many successful orders under its name. You can find this information in numerous resources, including:

  • Google;
  • BBB (Better Business Bureau);
  • Yelp;
  • Trustpilot;
  • Facebook.

The more reviews and customer opinions you check out, the more you will have a general idea about the overall performance and quality of a certain moving company. 

#4 Available Services

What if you have some fragile, antique pieces that must be moved carefully? Or what if you have no time for packing things and then unpacking them again? To not be lost in all these situations, choose a company that provides more than the basic level of services. 

All leading and reputable moving companies in Brooklyn, as a rule, have a lot to offer to their customers. Some most demanded additional services you can find on their sites, cover

  • Storage Options;
  • Fine Art Moving;
  • Same Day Moving;
  • Piano Transportation;
  • Car Shipping;
  • Commercial Moving.

Thus, if these extra options might make your move even more convenient and hassle-free, why not pick a company offering such add-ons?

#5 Company Size

While the size of the company may seem like a secondary factor when choosing a professional Brooklyn mover, it still can indicate what kind of experience you may have with them.

For example, a smaller firm may have less availability compared to a relatively larger one. It means you may need to wait too long to place your order and thus not get your first-choice moving company. 

In addition, larger companies are more likely to specialize in bigger and more complex moves, and they typically offer more insurance options to pick from.

#6 Insurance Valuations and Pricing 

Another not less important aspect worth considering before you choose a moving company in Brooklyn is the cost of services. The best is if you request pricing estimates from at least three to four different firms. Compare them and pick the one that’s more suitable for you.

Each moving company should be transparent with its pricing and not include hidden commissions. Also, in order to get the most accurate estimate, make sure to have a full list of items you plan to move.

Don’t forget about the insurance options of each company as well, and see if the coverage amounts are okay with you. Depending on what and how much you have to transport, you can go with a firm that provides a higher-value and a more comprehensive insurance plan. 

Some Final Thoughts

Moving to Brooklyn can be an ever-changing adventure filled with diverse cultural encounters, a strong sense of community, and exciting opportunities. But moving from one place to another is a stressful process that needs thorough preparation.

And only by understanding all essential aspects necessary for convenient and efficient moving can you make the transition with confidence. And only by choosing a compatible and trustworthy moving company can you open a new page with bright colors in this iconic borough.

Article by:
Erwin Valles

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