Is Screen Protector Necessary For Laptop

Updated on May 11, 2023
Is Screen Protector Necessary For Laptop

One of the most sensitive parts of a laptop is its screen as, without one, it is impossible to carry out any activity on the system. It is therefore imperative that extra care is placed in maintaining the screen and this brings us to the question of “if a screen protector is necessary for laptops”.

Do Laptops Need Screen Protectors?

Indeed a screen protector is necessary for laptops. One of the main reasons why is to protect the display from smudges, scratches, and markings from the keyboard after closure.

The issue of whether a screen protector is a necessity also brings us to the debate of whether only touchscreen laptops need a screen protector.

Are Screen Protectors Only Necessary for Touchscreen Laptops?

A screen protector is a thin sheet or film created from glass or polyurethane for attachment to the screen of an electronic device to protect it from damage. Note that the definition does not make a distinction between a touchscreen laptop or normal screen PC.

Both sets have one thing in common and that is the presence of a screen. Without the screen, the touch function as well as visual display of tasks and actions of things being achieved on the system is impossible. Therefore, both forms of laptops need a screen protector.

Benefits of Using a Laptop Screen Guard

The benefits of a screen guard on a laptop justify its necessity. Below, we take a look at some of them:

Protects the Screen

Like the name indicates, the use of a screen protector is literally to aid in the protection of the screen. However, this protection is extensive in the sense that it covers a lot of things. They are:

Prevents scratches

It is important that we properly care for the laptop. But, one of the things that can happen during cleaning is that if the wrong cloth to wipe dust or dirt from the screen surface, it can leave a scratch.

Cleaning is not the only way a scratch may appear on the laptop as closing the laptop on its keyboard can lead to this as well. The keypads can be rough on the screen and leave marks as well.

There is the fact that some laptops now come with stylus pens. It is therefore possible that as the pen is used to write or draw on the system, scratches are left behind.

Also, contact with certain environmental factors such as rough dirt can cause scratches. With the presence of a screen protector, direct contact with the screen is prevented.

Shields from dust and dirt

A laptop has several holes and vents. Therefore, it is only natural that dirt and dust can be trapped within. One of the conduits of such is the screen which can accumulate dirt on its surface. However, with the presence of a screen guard, the settling of dust on the screen itself is prevented.

Protects the Eyes

Macbook Air 13 Inch Screen Protector Maeco Anti Blue Light Protect Eyes Screen Protector Blocks Excessive Harmful Blue Light Reduce Eye Fatigue for Air 133 A 1

Screen guards do not only protect the screen of the laptop, but they also help protect the eyes of the user. How?

First, we can establish that the use of a PC is quite common in a work environment. Apart from workplaces, they are also useful for coursework in college and other leisure purposes. Therefore, it is estimated that the average individual spends a lot of time in front of a laptop screen.

The amount of time spent in front of the laptop can lead to a burning sensation as well as an itch beneath the eyelids. If the burn and itchy sensation continues, we can conclude that you may have a case of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Although CVS is not life threatening or permanent, it can be discomforting and hamper your productive abilities.

Screen protectors come in handy in such a situation due to their ability to reduce glare from the screen. The prevention of direct glare to the eyes prevents eye strain and fatigue which causes CVS.

Prevents fingerprint smudges

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Another reason why you might consider a screen protector is if you use a laptop that smudges easily. Just imagine having a laptop with a touchscreen. Now, as you operate it, you keep seeing fingerprint smudges on it.

Apart from that you have to constantly swipe the screen to get the smudges off and this in turn can lead to scratches. So, if you get a screen protector, you have the chance to reduce the presence of this unsightly fingerprints and the constant cleaning.

Enhances visibility

..With the anti glare form of screen protectors another benefit you get is the ability to make use of your laptop in a brightly lit setting and outdoors…

With the anti glare form of screen protectors another benefit you get is the ability to make use of your laptop in a brightly lit setting and outdoors. We all know how hard it can be to make out what is on the display of your laptop when it is being made use of in a bright or sunny area.

Now, with an anti glare screen protector, there is a more conducive option. The use of a matte finish coating is what makes it possible for the screen guard to effectively shield.

Acts as a shield 

Accidentally hitting your screen with your elbow, tossing off trash that hits your laptop etc,. These are just examples of some of the things that can lead to directly hitting the laptop screen thereby resulting in its damage.

Due to the fact that the screen protector comes in front of the screen, it ends up taking most if not all of the impact while your screen remains intact at the background.

However note that if your laptop falls from a reasonable height, there is no guarantee that the screen protector will shield it as the whole hardware of the laptop is involved not just the screen.

Provides Privacy

Are you surprised at the fact that there are such things as privacy screen protectors? It performs the function that a screen protector is expected to do, but, it has a special filter which passes light through certain angles of the screen.

..the protector lets you see everything on your screen clearly as in the case of window blinds but prevents others from seeing what is on display…

As a matter of fact, they work similar to window blinds. That is, the protector lets you see everything on your screen clearly as in the case of window blinds but prevents others from seeing what is on display. So, if you are working in a public space, you can be assured of privacy.

Why Do Individuals Think Screen Protectors are Not Necessary?

Nowadays, manufacturers make use of various forms of materials to create the display of a screen. Some of them are popular and similar to the ones found on smartphones. They include:

  • Glass
  • Tempered Glass
  • Gorilla glass
  • Dragontrail glass
  • Sapphire etc.

Individuals think that the properties of the above type of screens makes them immune to issues such as scratches and cracks. However, each of the above mentioned have their faults and their strengths, but this does not change the fact that they are not impenetrable.

Will a Screen Protector Prevent a Crack from Spreading On My Laptop?

Good screen protectors like the tempered or gorilla glass variety can help in protecting a phone with cracks. Therefore, in a situation where you drop it, you can be rest assured that new cracks will not develop.

However, what you cannot be certain of is whether or not future spread of an already existent crack will occur.


The benefits of having a screen protector makes a good case for it as a major necessity. From the fact that you have vision protection to enhanced visibility, having one does more good than harm for you the user. Some of the screen protectors that can provide the benefits above include Spigen Tempered Glass, Forito Tempered Glass and Forito Anti Glare.

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