How to Measure Computer Screen

Updated on May 8, 2023

Sooner or later, you’re probably going to want to know just what size the screen of your laptop is. And, yes, before going any further, size does matter here, for various reasons. Moving back on course, the screen size of your laptop is an element that you can’t afford to be ignorant of for too long. This is because it directly and indirectly affects various aspects of your device use. So, sure, you now know that you want to measure this variable. The next task becomes learning how to measure computer screen like a pro.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to achieve this feat. Learning the basics of measuring your computer screen accurately and without breaking a sweat can literally be as easy as breathing in and out.

So here, we’ll be going over various ways that you can take the measurement of any laptop device as well as some crucial reasons why this process is so necessary in the first place.


How to Measure Computer Screen With the Ease – The Complete Walkthrough

For most people, when shopping for a new laptop device, the screen size is the first thing they look at. In many ways, this only makes sense as the screen of your laptop has a major influence on just what you can do on the device as well as how smooth your work experience is going to be.

So, taking the measurement of your laptop screen very seriously is genuinely far from the worst thing you can do right now.

Having fully established this, let’s get to measuring this important metric immediately!

Measuring the Screen of Your Laptop – What to Know

So, when it comes to answering the question, how to measure computer screen, you may be surprised to learn that there isn’t one straightforward answer you can apply.

Before you let your thoughts fly, no, the reason for this isn’t because the process is that complicated. Far from it. The main reason you’re not likely to get one straight answer here is that there are actually dozens of great ways you can follow to accurately get the dimensions of any laptop screen!

With more than a few of these, you don’t even need to have the laptop with you!

So, without further ado, we’ll be taking a close look at some of the most common methods and techniques you can adopt to help you know just how large the screen of your laptop is.

Technique #1 – Get the Dimensions of Your Laptop Screen in Inches

One thing you mightn’t know is that most seasoned laptop users often only need to eyeball a device to have a good idea of the dimensions of the laptop screen! But while this is most certainly a cool trick to have up your sleeve, you shouldn’t forget that there’s always a place for making sure.

So, if you want to be dead certain about the size of your laptop’s screen, one great way of going about that is to get the measurement of the screen in inches.

How would one go about doing this, exactly?

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered!

Just follow the easy steps below!

Step One – Open Your Laptop’s Lid to Directly Access the Screen

Naturally, the first step down this road would be accessing the screen that you intend to measure. This you can do by simply opening the lid of your laptop if it’s closed at the moment.

Step Two – Get Your Measuring Tape Out

Next, you have to get your inch tape measure out and ensure that you lay it in a horizontal line in the lower half of the screen’s display. Be sure to keep your hands steady and precise through this.

Step Three – Move One End of the Measuring Tape to the Top Edge of Your Screen

Now, while carefully yet firmly holding one end of the tap on the horizontal lower half of your screen, you should slowly move the other end of the top till it touches the top end of the laptop screen. Again, be sure to do this in a way that it cuts your screen evenly diagonally.

Step Four – Take the Measurement Inside the Bezel

Finally, read the numbers that you get on the measuring tape inside the bezel and that’s the size of your screen. Be sure not to measure the bezel as well as that would become a measurement of your laptop, not a measurement of the screen.

And with that, you’re essentially done!

Technique #2 – Use the Model Number of the Laptop

Remember when we said that you can also get an accurate measurement of a laptop’s screen without even having to be in the same room with it?

Well, this is one of the methods that can help you do that!

All you have to do is get the model number of the laptop and the rest is easy!

Once you have the model number (please, be sure that you have the accurate number) you just need to run a search on Google and it’ll present you with basic info on the laptop. Of course, this information will include the exact screen size of the device.

If you don’t know the model number of the laptop but you have the device with you, there’s an easy way you can find out that information.

Just press the dedicated Windows button on your keyboard and input the phrase “System Information” into the search box. Click on that result and it’ll present a lot of information, including the exact model number of the device. You can then use that to run a Google search and get the size of the laptop’s screen.

Technique #3 – Check Your Laptop’s Sticker

If your laptop has still got a sticker and you don’t want to stress yourself too much, you can just consult the sticker to get the information you need about the size of your laptop’s screen.

This can be remarkably effective because, in most cases, laptop manufacturers put this information on the sticker. As a matter of fact, many brands can get remarkably specific with the details of this metric as these stickers have been known to also include things like the width, height, and depth of the device.

Technique #4 – Get the Needed Information From the Manufacturer’s Site

Yet another easy but accurate and effective way of going about this is to simply check for the specifications of your particular laptop device on the official platform of the manufacturer. This is a very reliable way of getting the information you need as the data that the manufacturer supplies on these types of products are required by law to be accurate and spot-on.

So, when it comes to checking the exact size of the screen of your laptop, the first thing you have to do is locate the official website of the brand of the device. As an example, if you want to know the screen size of an HP laptop, you should go to HP’s official website. The same thing applies if you want to get the same information on an Acer device.

Next, run a search for the model number of your laptop device. In only a few seconds, you’ll be shown a page containing all the specs about the device. You can simply look up the dimensions of the laptop screen there.

Technique #5 – Consult the User Manual of Your Laptop

Yet another easy way of finding the exact dimensions of your device is to look it up in the user manual that came with your laptop. In most cases, the user manual of your device will contain every relevant tidbit of information that you need to know about the features of your device.

Now, for any number of reasons, you may not have access to your user manual any more. Maybe it’s been a while since you got the laptop and you don’t know where you dumped the manual. Or, maybe you bought the laptop from a friend or on eBay and it didn’t even come with a manual in the first place. In either case, you have nothing to worry about.

You can just check for the user manual online and use that!

To get the online user manual of your laptop, just run a search with the model number of the laptop. It’ll bring the e-manual and you can simply download and use that.

Technique #6 – Take a Measurement of Your Laptop’s Screen with Your Mobile Phone

Thanks to continuous advances in technology, you can now do awesome things like using your phone as a virtual measuring tape. What’s more, you’d likely be very surprised at the host of free and paid apps in your mobile app store that offer this feature.

One of our favorites is the Ruler app. It’s simple to use and remarkably accurate so you can trust its readings always.

You just need to download and install this program on your mobile phone. Once it has been downloaded, launch the app and follow the prompts to take measurements of your laptop screen.

It’s as easy as that!

How to Pick the Right Screen Size in 2023

So, you now know how to measure computer screen with an economy of fuss. However, everything doesn’t stop there. Considering how crucial the role of a monitor or screen is to your experience when using a computer, you have to make sure that you’re making the best decision possible where these resources are concerned.

In light of this, it never hurts to know just how to pick the perfect screen size for you as well.

This information can serve as that all-important guide you need to make sure that you make the most appropriate decision for you from the very beginning. This is especially important because, unlike many other parts of your computer, there’s precious little you can do once you get the wrong laptop or PC screen size.

Knowing all of this, here are some of the most critical questions to ask yourself before settling for another computer screen size.

Is My Current Laptop Size Okay?

As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Ask yourself if you’re well served with the current laptop screen size that you have at the moment.

If you have nothing but good things to say about it, then you’re most likely better off not changing the screen size of your next computer device. This is because you’ve already successfully identified the best screen size for you as it is.

However, if you have complaints about your current laptop screen size, try to dig deeper to see what exactly is the cause of the problem. Is it that it isn’t big enough for you to work with? Is it too big?

Identify what the issue is here so that you can definitively improve on that with your next purchase.

Will I Have to Move My Device Around a Lot?

One factor that most people forget to account for is the fact that the screen of a laptop doesn’t come independently of other parts of the device. Sure, with a regular desktop computer, you can influence various things independent of the monitor. But that’s far from the case with laptops.

What this essentially means is that the bigger the screen of a laptop is, the bigger the laptop as a whole would have to be. Now, this shouldn’t pose much of a problem if your laptop will be stationary for the most part. However, if you’ll be moving it around a lot, you might want to think carefully about just how big you want the device to be.

Apart from the comfortability factor, remember that bigger screens tend to fall at a higher risk of getting damaged in transit. So, make sure you consider your options here very carefully before moving forward.

What Kind of Tasks Will I be Using the Laptop For?

It doesn’t necessarily need to be said that the bigger screens that many laptops feature aren’t present purely for aesthetics. They serve an important, functional, and practical purpose as well. Now, it helps to ensure that you’re going to be using the laptop for these purposes before you even get the device.

As an example, if you plan to be watching movies a lot with your laptop, you may want to invest in a device with a larger screen as this will offer a more immersive experience. The same can be said for professionals who want to get a device for work. As a larger screen makes it easier to stay focused on the task at hand, they’re always a good get for business.

However, if you don’t plan to do either of those things with your device, you may be better served to invest in a laptop with a smaller screen. This is more so the case if you’re going to be moving around a lot.

How Much Space Do I Have Available?

As you are likely already aware, your laptop will have to occupy space when you’re using it. Sure, it can fit on your lap and all of that but when you consider that it makes more sense to have it in a dedicated workspace, your decision here has kind of already been made for you.

Now, the big question is, just how much space can you spare for your laptop in your work area?

Everyone knows that space is always a premium commodity in any home. And, as we mentioned earlier, the bigger the screen of a laptop, the bigger the laptop itself is going to be.

So, if you feel like you can squeeze out as much space as necessary, then, there probably should be no limit to what laptop screen size you get. On the flip side, if you have to manage room, you need to make an effort to be more conscious about the size of your laptop’s screen.

In any event, the most important thing is that you make sure that any laptop screen that you settle for is able to meet all your needs in its entirety. Also, keep in mind that size is an important factor but the quality of the visual display is also crucial as well.

Bottom Line

So, you now not only know precisely how to measure computer screen but also why making such an effort is also important. In addition to this, you also know what to consider when picking the best laptop screen size for you. With all of this information, you’re guaranteed to have an even better experience using your computer device.

But there’s still more to learn about using your laptop to the best effect!

See here to find out what that is!

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