How to make Laptop Look & Feel Like a MacBook

Updated on June 10, 2020

If you’re using a Window’s computer and you want it to operate like a Macbook, we have good news for you. Here are a few tips on how to make your laptop look like a mac.

17 Things You Can Do To Make Laptop Look & Feel Like A MacBook

1. Move the taskbar to the top of your screen

This will not only make your work easy when using the computer but will also lessen the strain you put on the eyes especially when using tall monitors. This method doesn’t require you to download extra software.

2. Changing the background

Go to Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Personalization. Select change background image then set the image you had downloaded as the background. You can stretch the image if it doesn’t fit your screen.

3. Remove icon names on your desktop

To do this, open the character map on your desktop. Scroll down and select a blank grid. Click on the select button followed by copy. Go to desktop and right click on an icon you want to change the name. Select Rename, paste, and press enter.

If another icon shares the same name, repeat step 1 above. After you’re done, the name of the desktop icon will be hidden. Do this for all icons on your desktop.

4. Hide the taskbar

You can decide to hide the taskbar entirely instead of moving it to the top of your screen. To do this, move the mouse to the taskbar and left click on it. You’ll see a number of properties.

Choose hide taskbar and press enter. Your taskbar will be hidden until you move your cursor over it. It will automatically hide when you move the cursor.

5. Move your icons

… move the icons anywhere you want on your desktop. Click and hold an icon and drag it to the bottom of the desktop..

Left click anywhere on the desktop. A set of options will appear. Hover your mouse and click align icons to the grid which will deselect this option. You’ll now be able to move the icons anywhere you want on your desktop.

Click and hold an icon and drag it to the bottom of the desktop. Do this for all icons, leaving a small space between them. The recycle bin should be placed at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Your new customized desktop will mirror that of a MAC. You can go ahead and compare and you’ll notice the striking similarities.

6. Sharp keys

Switch your Ctrl and Alt keys with sharp keys for a more believable MAC user experience. You may find it difficult at first especially if you’re used to using your alt and ctrl keys but the secret here is practice.

7. Win roll

If you want to move a step further with your taskbar, you can install this app. It allows right-clicking on a title bar to roll it up so it becomes the size of a title bar and rolling it back when you need to do so. WindowsShadeX by Usanity offers this feature.

8. notes

This is the equivalent of sticky notes in Windows. It provides all the functions in Windows and a bit extra.

9. TalkSwitch

Allows users to switch between tabs like you would with Alt + Tab.

10. Download a skin pack

…You can begin using your Windows computer with your favorite MAC interface…

I would recommend downloading the Yosemite Skin Pack for this task. Take care to download the version that’s compatible with your Windows computer. After the download is complete, disable your antivirus to begin the installation process.

Follow the prompts, give the program a few minutes to complete the installation after which you can begin the setup. You can begin using your Windows computer with your favorite MAC interface.

You can also another program called Bootskin which also works the same way if not better.

If in the future you decide you want to revert to your Windows interface, you can do this by doing a system restore. Tread carefully when installing Windows skins because some change the format of files and there’s no way of fixing in case something goes wrong.

11. Download and install dock

A docking program allows users to start programs they frequently use seamlessly. There are different versions of the program and it’s, therefore, advisable to research beforehand to identify which one you should install.

12. Get expose

To change the look of your desktop to a MAC, adding a few apps is always a good way to go. This, in turn, may slow down your computer hence the need to use get exposed.

13. Get extra space

MacBooks always insist on having extra working space areas. You can do this by installing the DeskSpace app.

14. Lightshot

This is the equivalent of a screenshot in Windows. MACOS has an in-built recorder and screenshot feature which makes it user-friendly to developers and attractable as well. Install Lightshot on your Windows computer and you’ll enjoy some the functionalities users of MAC enjoy.

15. Use Cortana search features

MAC boasts one of the best search features of any computer. You can search for files and webpages using your voice. To enjoy this functionality, you can use Cortana on your Windows computer. To do this, simply press Win+ Q.

16. Quick Look Tool

…It enables you to customize a number of features when using the app..

You can easily preview the contents of a file without having to open it in MAC by selecting the file and hitting the space bar. To enjoy this functionality when using Windows, install the Seer app. It enables you to customize a number of features when using the app.

You can also use the Quicklook app from Microsoft which offers the following functionalities;

  • Spacebar- allows you to preview and close files.
  • Esc- to close preview
  • Enter- start the review and close it.
  • Ctrl+Mouse Wheel to zoom images.

Mouse wheel to turn the volume up or down.

17. Quick time screen recording

The XBOX app works well in recording short videos. It can record files of any type when using Windows OS although it’s used for recording games in XBOX.

Making Your PC Look Like a Macbook

There’s no excuse for using a dull desktop. There is a lot of software you can install to tweak the look and feel of your desktop.

If this is not your cup of tea and prefer not to install any third party software, you can achieve the MAC interface by changing some features already installed on your computer. What are you waiting for? Take advantage of these top tips and begin your MAC experience on your Windows computer.

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