How to Fix Video Not Uploading Issues on Instagram?

Updated on May 12, 2023
how to fix instagram video not uploading

Nowadays, Instagram plays a great role for businesses to present their products and deliver messages to their customers. Videos are well worth giving voiceovers for your business, so the videos you share on Instagram will act as social proof. While creating videos on Instagram, you will get so excited to utilize the features. As a result, you will make engaging content to share on the platform. But, the trouble starts if you face issues when you plan to upload the videos on the platform. 

Sometimes you may experience that the video hangs and never processes. If it happens, there is trouble with uploading your videos. Whatever, here is a Trollishly suggesting a few ways to solve the issues quickly. So let’s continue reading this guide to fix video not uploading problems on Instagram quickly. 

#1 Check Your Internet Connection

First and foremost, the major cause of the video not uploading issues is that your internet connection may be too slow. Well, some other temporary causes are you may have enabled or disabled Airplane mode due to some other reasons. But, whatever the cause, the network issues persist, which may worsen your video creation or uploading issues. So, if you face issues on Instagram and cannot upload your videos, try to reset your network connection or switch off and on your smartphone. 

Here are some tips for troubleshooting your network issues. 

  1. Check your internet connection is strong. If you connect to the wifi, sometimes it shows the connection is stronger, but there may be issues. Once you spot issues due to wifi, disable and enable wifi connection and ensure it is stronger. 
  2. Enable and disable your connection and restart it. 
  3. If your network source is wifi, then move closer to the source where it is placed. 
  4. Update your Instagram application.
  5. Restart your phone.
  6. Make sure to clear your Instagram Cache if the problem persists. In the Instagram settings, you will explore the ‘clear cache’ option below the storage. Clearing the cache will not make you log out from the application. 

Uninstall and reinstall the Instagram application and enter the username and password. 

So, if you experience connectivity issues, it’s good to focus on the above solutions. However, always be aware of the problems you encounter while uploading the videos and resolve them as soon as possible. 

#2 Check Video Length

The general rule to follow while posting your videos on Instagram is to check video length and size. Instagram sets specific criteria to upload videos. They are:

  1. The video’s aspect ratio should be between 1.91:1 and 9:16.
  2. Videos minimum resolution should be 720 pixels, and the frame rate should be 30 FPS.
  3. Instagram videos’ maximum file size should be 10 minutes or less than 650 MB.

If you post Instagram Reels videos, you must know that the video length should be 90 seconds or up to 15 minutes. So, if you are a business, prioritizing the easiest way to buy instagram reels views is a good decision to make your content get the target audience you never expected.

Do you like to know how to check the Instagram video size on your iPhone? Here are the steps.

1. Click on the Photos application on your iPhone.

2. Choose a video and click the ‘I’ icon at the bottom.

3. Explore the video size.

If you are an Android phone user, you can know your video size on the Google Photos application. Click on Google Photos and open any video to learn the information like size, resolution, date, and time.

If you notice your video size is more than 650 MB, then take the necessary steps to compress it so you can upload it more easily.

#3 Restart Instagram

Yes, of course! If you try uploading your videos and it fails, then one of the solutions that you can look for is to restart Instagram on your smartphone. It will be the best solution to look for and upload videos more successfully.

#4 Check with Instagram Server

Sometimes, Instagram services are down, and at that time, none of the tricks will help you to resolve the Instagram video not uploading problem. To check out the Instagram status, look over and search Instagram. If you notice any outage spikes and many users comment that they face the same issues, you only need to wait until Instagram resolves its server issues.

#5 Disable Date Saver Mode on Instagram

Have you activated your data saver mode on Instagram? If yes, you will surely face the issues while uploading your videos or photos on Instagram. So, the next step, Trollishly suggests you disable Instagram data save mode. Here are the tips to disable data savers.

  • Click Instagram on your smartphone
  • Choose your profile in the upper right and then click the hamburger menu.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Choose Account.
  • Click Data usage.
  • Navigate to Use less mobile data and scroll left to disable data mobile saver mode.

#6 Clear Instagram Cache

Instagram also gathers cache to boost loading times and improve user experience. However, if the application gets a corrupt cache, it will bring issues while uploading your videos. To enhance the process, try to clear your Instagram cache.

  1. Long-click over the Instagram app icon and click the info menu.
  2. Choose ‘Storage & cache’ and click ‘Clear cache.’

The Instagram cache is cleared, and you can upload the videos on the platform.

#7 Update Instagram

Instagram is updating its features to the core, so it is best to update it to the new versions. In addition, you may face video not uploading issues on Instagram if you haven’t updated the application. Try to update the application and post the content without any errors. 

Wrapping It Up

Only consistently uploading Instagram videos will help you hit the target market and grow your followers. So if you face video not uploading issues on Instagram, immediately follow the above steps and share videos. Even plenty of factors rely on if a video hasn’t been uploaded on Instagram. To resolve the issue, search as much information on Google and upload your videos as sooner to sky-high your reach. 

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