How to Create Viral TikTok Videos for Your Brand

Updated on June 14, 2023

TikTok has evolved since its debut from a simple video platform to a fantastic venue for corporate marketing. It’s gradually becoming one of the most popular social media networks, with over 1 billion monthly active users. 

The days of merely making TikTok videos and hoping they become famous and go viral are long gone. Although it’s only sometimes feasible to forecast the exact ad video that will go viral, you can take steps to boost your chances. Your ad’s success could be increased by being aware of the TikTok ad specs and algorithm updates. 

Going viral on the platform is not entirely dependent on your followers, even if you’re new to TikTok or have a small number of them. In light of this, if you’re interested in learning how to create viral videos for TikTok, this article will serve as a guide. Read on!

7 Tips on How to Create Viral Videos on TikTok 

Going viral on TikTok requires understanding how the platform works, including its algorithm. Let’s look at ways to increase your chances of getting video viral success.

  1. Go with trends

One distinguishing feature of TikTok is that there is always a trend. It could be a new music sound, challenge, or hashtags. Knowing what is trending on TikTok and going with it is an excellent way to go viral on the platform. For instance, if a new sound is famous on TikTok, creating your video using such sound will ensure your video appears amongst results when a user searches for that particular sound. 

In cases where you intend to do a voiceover for your video, it’s possible to include the trending sound in your video still. You only have to reduce it to a background sound while you go ahead with your voiceovers. Furthermore, using trending music to create videos make your videos catchier and engaging, thus encouraging longer watch time. 

This inadvertently signals to the TikTok algorithm that your video is excellent and causes it to appear more in different users’ ‘for you page.’ Likewise, this applies to the use of popular and trending hashtags. It’s best to include at least 3 to 5 relevant hashtags.

  1. Make your videos engaging 

You need more than a popular sound or hashtag to cause your brand video to go viral. Your video has to be engaging enough for users to spend their time watching it. Additionally, viewers are more likely to share your videos with their friends or partners if they find them engaging. How can you make your videos engaging? It’s straightforward; make it fun. 

One effective way to create engaging videos is by using an online video editor tool. These tools provide you with a wide range of features and options to enhance your videos and make them more appealing to your target audience. You can add various effects, transitions, filters, text overlays, and music to make your videos visually appealing and entertaining. 

From research, users go to TikTok to relax and unwind, and a funny video works for them. While it might seem absurd for a business owner to strictly make funny videos, it will be good to create one occasionally. Also, aside from funny videos, educational and inspirational videos are known to go viral. Thus, as a brand, don’t restrict yourself to only creating promotional videos. Educating your audience will likely make them want to share, save, and like, which increases your chance of going viral.

  1. Make it short 

Only a few percent of users are patient enough to watch a lengthy video. This is because most people have a short attention span, causing them to swipe away. Fortunately, compared to other social media, the maximum TikTok video length is relatively short (10 minutes). Even still, you’ll want to make most of your videos much shorter than this—sometimes only just a few seconds. 

Making the first few seconds of your video count is also essential. The first few seconds usually determine if users watch or skip your video. You should start your video with a strong hook that compels viewers to stick around to the end. Most times, telling a story usually does the magic. Remember, TikTok uses the average watch time of your videos to determine if it’s worth promoting. Therefore, you aim to ensure people watch your video to the end.

  1. Interact with your audience 

Some brands make the mistake of posting videos on TikTok and going silent afterward. You have to interact with your audience or followers as this promotes engagement. Ensure you reply to appropriate comments. A great way to do this is to create another video replying to a specific comment. This would help build a community around your content and cause your audience to always look forward to your videos. 

Additionally, you can interact with other videos in the same niche as you or use similar hashtags. And in most cases, these other creators do the same to your videos, increasing the popularity of your videos.

  1. Create room for engagements

Have you ever seen a video with plenty of likes but with few comments? This is popular because most business owners do not create room for comments and engagement in their videos. If you’re wondering how to do this in your videos, it’s simple. A great way to do this would be to include a call to action in your video. It can be as simple as ‘Like, comment your thoughts, and share.’ This seems ordinary, but it does the magic.

You can also ask a question in your video and ask your audience to answer in the comments section. Doing this increases engagement; the more engagements your video generates, the more TikTok promotes it to other users. This is an excellent way to go viral on TikTok.

  1. Promote your TikTok videos on other platforms 

You must have seen some other brands post their TikTok videos on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. This increases views and engagement, especially if they have different and numerous followers on these platforms. For instance, posting your TikTok video on Instagram, alongside the link to the video, would increase your audience reach and your TikTok followers, especially if your Instagram audience finds the video entertaining. This is great for any business. 

  1. Post videos regularly 

As a business owner, your priority should be creating content for your brand and posting regularly. The more your post, the more your videos appear on the users’ for you page (FYP), increasing your engagement and followers. This tip might sound familiar, but you would be surprised at the number of brands that fail to post video content regularly. 

If you need help creating videos for your business, you can always employ the services of a creative agency. Remember, the more videos you post, your chances of having a viral video increase.


Remember, a way to hack the video virality game is to understand the TikTok platform. As a business owner, having your video go viral is an advantage to your brand. Still, it takes more than a viral video to generate sales. Understanding your audience and creating videos that resonate with them will cause your viral video to lead to conversions and sales. 

However, if you have been struggling to get your TikTok videos to go viral, the above seven tips would be an excellent start for you!

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