How to Cope with an Admission Essay

Updated on April 12, 2023

We do not always have a chance to speak directly with the admissions committee or immediately get into an interview. Often the first meetings take place in absentia. And one of the mediators of the meeting is an admission essay. We tell you what it is and how to do it right.

What is an admission essay?

An admission essay is an essay on a free topic. It is attached to a resume when applying for a job, to a package of documents to a university or when applying for a grant. The paper must state why you should be selected. It is not easy for an applicant to persuade an admission committee of this choice. If it is difficult for you, it is better to hire essay writer online at PayforWriting. Professional writers who know exactly how to write impressive admission essays work there. 

What should be in an admission essay?

Let’s look at the example of an essay for admission to a university. The list below is not a clear structure but a list of questions that need to be answered in the paper. The structure will depend on the requirements of the admission committee, but we will talk about this a little later.

  • Why did you choose this course: why are you interested in this field? What influenced the choice? What did you do to learn more about the course?
  • How does your education relate to the chosen field: what knowledge do you have in the subject, what is your academic performance in the subject, and what skills acquired during your studies will help in learning?
  • Is there any non-academic experience that will help in learning: experience in volunteering, hobbies, where did personal interest in the subject come from?
  • What personal qualities would you note: it is important to confirm them with achievements (responsible – was a counselor and was responsible for 15 children).
  • Why did you choose this particular university: are there teachers from whom you want to study? What distinguishes the university from other educational institutions?
  • Tell about career goals: show that you have an understanding of how training will help in moving up the career ladder.

You do not need to give detailed answers to all questions – focus on where you have something to say.

Tips for writing an admission essay

The essay must be unique and individual. You should not copy other people’s papers and use the same template for different purposes. For example, an admission essay for interviews in different companies should not be repeated. In one, a non-standard approach may be welcomed, in the other – the official style and adherence to standards. To do this, you need to study the place you want to enroll.

Find out the requirements for an admission essay. No need to guess what to write and how much if there are already ready-made requirements. There is no standard form of writing – it all depends on your imagination. But some institutions and companies already have requirements. You can find out about them on the website, from HR, at the selection committee, or a request from the responsible person.

Be non-standard. Even if you get a job in a company that has strict requirements, you can show originality. Instead of “sociable,” “responsible,” and other formulaic phrases, use facts.

Bad: I am very stress-resistant 

Good: I was handed a project with a burning deadline and a negative client while I had already managed five projects. I coped with everything perfectly, so I can safely say that I am stress-resistant.

Don’t forget logic. Your information must be consistent and structured. You should start with a presentation and end with why they should choose you. You should also not include all the details of your life; move on to what will interest the reader of your essay.

Typical mistakes in admission essays 

We have studied and collected common mistakes in admission essays: 

  • semantic, grammatical, and punctuation errors – there are various free services on the network that help make the text better;
  • feigned motivation – no need to be too enthusiastic and constantly talk about the desire to take a position or enter a university; it is better to show what you can give and how you will be useful;
  • the volume of the essay – you should not write long papers; imagine how many of them go through the commission. The average volume is 400-600 words
  • humor and excessive creativity are not suited for each person, so you should not take risks and joke in an essay.


In order for your admission essay to be read with interest and made a choice in favor of your candidacy, be honest and frank. Falseness is immediately visible; as a rule, it will be expressed in stereotyped sentences. Imagine that you are at school and you are writing an essay on a topic you hate. What are you going to do? That’s right, look for the answer on the Internet or write it off from classmates. And then you get a low grade. The same goes for the admission essay.

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