How To Change Mic Sensitivity In Windows 10?[Answered 2023]

Updated on May 8, 2023

The microphone is one of the most important as well as useful components for any device including Windows 10. 

Microphones are used in many places such as online meetings, schools colleges, video conferences, business, etc. Many ways can affect the sensitivity of your microphone. So make sure you adjust and make the sensitivity of the microphone sensitivity to the perfect level. 

Here are some ways through which you can improve the quality of sensitivity as well as change the sensitivity of their microphone in Windows 10. 

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What is Mic Sensitivity in windows 10?

Microphone sensitivity is the degree to which the microphone picks up the sound. There are many components of microphone sensitivity such as a solid plate as well as a diaphragm. These components are responsible for measuring changes in the vibrations through sound pressure. If the microphone of your Windows device has greater activities then it means that it can detect small changes in the sound waves and pick up those vibrations.

In addition, if you are able to hear small changes in sound waves clearly then it means that the microphone has higher or greater sensitivity. That is why a microphone with higher sensitivity and a condenser is used in a studio environment. While microphones with less sensitivity are used for audio recording as live performances. A wise choice would be to record a test audio by using Mic Tester and listen to the recording because once you have recorded audio with a particular sensitivity you cannot change it afterward. 

How to change mic sensitivity  Windows 10 ?

You can easily change the microphone sensitivity in Windows 10 by following the below steps:

Step 1: Open the settings of Windows and click on sound settings.

Step 2: Click on input devices and select the device to which you want to adjust the mic sensitivity. A property window will appear on your screen.

Step 3:  Select the sensitivity that you need to level up or level down. Click on the okay option after adjusting the sensitivity in Windows 10. 

Other Alternatives for adjusting audio

  • Mic Volume Levels:

You can also adjust microphone volume levels so that they can match sensitivity levels. This means that you need to have a bit higher volume to have greater than the duty and low volume for lower sensitivity. There are many volume and sound settings in Windows 10 PC that you can adjust to match your sensitivity level. Click on the control panel and go to sound settings. There is a separate section for audio enhancement. Click on this option to adjust different levels of volume and set them according to your sensitivity. 

  • Built-in volume settings:

There can also be clashes between the built-in volume settings of Windows 10 as well as microphone volume settings. These two things can create issues that can also affect sensitivity. These issues also depend on the brand or version of the microphone that you use and the version of the software that is installed on your Windows 10 PC.

  • Audio Managers:

If you are unable to set the sensitivity of your device then you can also download other online audio manager software. The issues that you are building in software face would not be a fact of the downloaded Audio Manager software. Go to your web browser and download any software and adjust the sensitivity of your microphone. Also, remember to adjust the volume of the microphone in your Windows 10 device. 


Q1. How do I adjust my mic sensitivity to Windows 10?

Ans: Go to settings in Windows 10 through the start or control panels too. Click on sound settings. Under and sound option sensitivity level is given. You can adjust the sensitivity level and make it higher or lower according to your desire. 

Q2. How do I adjust microphone settings?

Ans: Click on the control panel and choose volume settings. Choose your microphone device or model and change volume settings and other settings that are displayed on your window screen. 

Q3. How do I check microphone sensitivity?

Ans: If you want to check microphone sensitivity then click on settings and choose sound. Under sound, choose the microphone you need to check and change settings. After that settings are given which can be changed. 

Q4. Why is my mic sensitivity so low?

Ans: There can be two reasons due to why your mic sensitivity is low. The first reason is that the mic volume is low due to which the sensitivity has also become lower. The second is that the sensitivity level is also known in settings that need to be higher. 

Q5. Is higher mic sensitivity better?

Ans: Higher microphone sensitivity is better. This is because it can detect even small changes in sound waves. It is ideal for recording studio sounds and quiet sounds. But lower sensitivity is better for live and audio recording. 

In a nutshell

Open the settings of Windows 10 and change the sensitivity of your microphone. You can either make it higher or lower as per your need or Desire. Make sure you also adjust other settings of your microphone that can match the level of the sensitivity. We have also mentioned some other settings that can match the sensitivity of your microphone. Make sure you do not turn the sensitivity of the microphone too high because it can hurt your ears. If you feel that the sensitivity of the microphone is lower even though you have increased its level then there are many reasons for it. For example, the sensitivity can automatically decrease through a microphone due to no or weak internet connection. 

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