How to Buy The Perfect Laptop for College

Updated on March 14, 2023
How to Buy The Perfect Laptop for College

There’s nothing worse than lugging around a bulky laptop that weighs a ton. Or worse – having to leave it at home because it’s too big to fit in your backpack. If you’re in college, you know the struggle is real when it comes to choosing the perfect laptop. Do you go for the newest model with all the bells and whistles? Or do you opt for something more affordable and basic? Here’s a guide to help you find the perfect laptop for college, without breaking the bank.

Decide what you need the laptop for 

Planning what you want to use a laptop for is the first step in deciding if it is the right purchase for you. Needing it just for school work? Look out for light weight portables with plenty of memory and battery life, which are easy to slip into a backpack or even locker. Entertainers will require something more robust with loud speakers and lots of room on the hard-drive. For true gamers you should seriously consider investing in one of the heavy duty laptops specifically designed to handle smooth, uninterrupted graphics. Analyzing what you’re going to be doing before rushing into a purchase allows you to make an educated decision with confidence.

Writing an essay for college

If you’re about to write an essay on college life, laptops, or teachers and not sure how to begin, then don’t worry! You can find plenty of resources online with essays for free that you can use as a reference. For instance, my teacher my hero essays examples highlight the responsibilities of college students and their teachers and provide guidance in understanding their roles in society. Reading these texts allows you to gain insight into different perspectives on subjects such as student-teacher relationships or the use of technology in learning. 

Reading reflective essays like these can help build up your skills as a writer as well. This allows you to craft thoughtful and engaging pieces about your own experiences too!

Do your research on different laptop brands and models 

Shopping for a laptop is often overwhelming; there are so many brands and models out there, it can be hard to know where to start. The best way to find the perfect one for you is to do your research. Take the time to look into different brands and models and evaluate which meets your specific needs, both in terms of features and budget. Think about the purpose of the computer, how much you’re willing to spend, read reviews from other customers, and compare specs on different computers before making a decision. Ultimately, though it requires some work up front, doing your research will ensure that you get a dependable laptop that suits your needs – not just at checkout but far into the future as well.

Go to a store and try out the laptops 

If you’re in the market for a new laptop, why not take a trip to your local computer store and get touchy feely with the latest models? You can pick up each one and ask yourself “Do I like the weight?” or “Do I feel comfortable typing on this keyboard?”. The only downside is coming home with more than one! But that’s what happens when you experience the thrill of modern technology for yourself. After all, who could resist an amazing deal once they’ve tested it out first-hand?

The features of each laptop

With so many different types of computers out there, it can be hard to choose which one is right for you and your budget. Here are some tips on how to buy the perfect laptop for college:

 -Size and Weight. Depending on your major, you may have to lug your laptop around campus a lot or not at all. If you plan on carrying your computer with you everywhere, make sure to get one that is lightweight and easy to carry. Additionally, if you’ll be traveling often for school, a smaller laptop will be easier to pack in your suitcase.

 – Battery Life. This is important whether you’re a light user or power user. No one wants their computer dying in the middle of a lecture or study session. Be sure to check reviews and compare battery life before making your purchase.

 -Operating System. Do you want Windows because it’s what you’re familiar with? Or are you open to learning something new like MacOS? There are pros and cons to both operating systems, so do some research before deciding which one is right for you. Lastly, make sure that whatever model you choose has the ability to run the software required by your specific program of study.

 -Price. College students are notoriously strapped for cash, so price is obviously an important factor when choosing a laptop. Set a budget before starting your search and try not to go over it (no matter how tempting that new MacBook Pro might be). 

Keep in mind that there are usually student discounts available, so don’t forget to ask about those when doing your research!


Now that you know how to pick out the perfect laptop for college, all you need to do is take these steps and voila! You’ll have a new best friend for those late-night study sessions and early morning classes. Good luck on your journey to find the ideal laptop and we hope this guide was helpful.

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