How Technology is Used in NFL Games

Updated on October 26, 2023

Over the decades, technology has helped change the world, mostly for the better. Today, we rely on it more than ever to keep us healthy, productive, active, and happy. In addition, new technological advancements have changed the way that sports are played around the world. Perhaps the sport where technology has made the biggest impact is football.

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The NFL is the world’s biggest and most important football league. While it may not have the global audience of soccer, it attracts a huge number of viewers, especially across North America, where the league is based. NFL betting figures show that an estimated $16 billion was wagered on the most recent Super Bowl, which tells you just how important this event is. It should be no surprise, then, to see how technology is used to make the game safer, fairer, and more enjoyable for the fans.

Ball and Player Tracking

Statistics are an incredibly important part of sports. Fans love them because it gives them a clearer insight into performances and what makes an elite team the best. In addition, it’s great if you like to bet on sports because there is much more depth and information to be found through research.

Aside from benefitting fans, stats are incredibly important for coaches who want to improve their tactics or look for ways to exploit the opposition. This data is collected through a unique tech system run by a company called Zebra Technologies.

Every player has radio frequency identification (RFID) tags on their shoulder pads, and the ball also uses the same type of tag. These allow for a computer system to better track individual player stats, including speed, acceleration, position, distance covered, and much more. This can be sent in real-time to broadcasters, media companies, and coaches to provide next-level insights into the game.

Mobile Virtual Players

This sounds like a crazy, futuristic concept, but it’s actually reality. However, these players aren’t actually being used in games. Mobile virtual players, better known as MVPs, are robotic tackling dummies that players can use on the training ground. Rather than tackling each other, this allows players to cut down on potential injuries.

In addition, using MVPs for tackling is far more effective than using pads, which don’t offer the same kind of feedback. Sensors can be used in conjunction with this sports training equipment to give coaches a better idea of which players hit hardest and how to use that on the field.

The size and weight of the MVPs are based on those of an average football player, and they’re also designed to be controlled by a mobile device. Once knocked over, the dummy can be set back up remotely, reducing the amount of time it takes to carry out training drills effectively.

Virtual Reality

For fans, one of the most interesting ways in which technology is improving the experience is through virtual reality (VR). This concept has been in development for many years now, and it’s starting to become more readily accessible to the average person. For example, major consoles such as the PlayStation have VR compatibility.

This technology allows the user to experience a fully simulated 3D world. In the NFL, the league is currently giving fans stadium seats through their VR headset. This would mean that fans all over the world can enjoy the live NFL experience without having to travel huge distances. It would also make the sport more accessible for fans in general and potentially increase the amount of interest in football.In addition, VR NFL games can give fans something to enjoy even during the offseason, making the sport more exciting than ever. The NFL Pro Era VR game lets players take to the field in any position and play alongside the biggest stars in the sport.

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